Preparing to go cross country

Foamed up pipe and 1×4 boards

Actually I am packing up and going home, which means driving across America in my little Scootz, carrying furniture, appliances, clothes…. lots of stuff. What ever I cant pack, I will have to ship.

Taped up pool noodle and anti skid.

It will be costly to ship that kayak of mine, so what are my options? ūüėȬ† Scootz has no rails and rack. Last time I loaded Yeli on the roof with kayak foam padding, strapping it down hard compresses the roof. So we didn’t strap down as hard as we like. On the highway, there was some shifting, so we had to go slow. But I cant go slow on a 3000mile trip. It’ll take me forever.

Home made roof rails and rack.

Well, I am going to try build a roof rack…. Not buying one because Scootz is a leased car and I don’t want to give away $400 rack to the next owner.

Securing the rack

Went to Home Depot and got a 10ft 1/2″ PVC pipe $2.50. Got 2″ pipe insulation $3. Jumbo pool noodle $3. Contact adhesive glue $4. Straps and ropes $20. So for about $35 of new materials, and using what I already have in 1×4, I be building.

Securing the forward and back crossbars with 1 strap.

Here’s the plan. 1st, cut PVC pipe to 2 x 4′, cut 2 x 4′ length of 2″ pipe insulation. I¬†decided on¬†4′ length by measuring the¬†distance between the front and back handles in Scootz + 6″ on each end.¬†Use adhesive suitable for foam and plastic, spread on pipe. Insert pipe into insulation. Wait for adhesive to cure, 24hrs.

Metal tie down hooks on each side behind back passenger seat.

2) Then cut 8 x 6″ pieces of Jumbo pool noodle, split 1 edge and wrap end points of the pipe and insulation.

3) Cut 1″ x 4″ to 5.5′ . 2 pieces.

4) Place¬†foamed up pipe¬†along¬†window ridges, place the 1×4 on the pipe. Line up 1×4 to¬†the front and back handles on each side. I decided that I want more overhang on the right side, where the kayak will be on. I think that this will make loading a little bit easier, but its really a personal thing, no big deal. Mark¬†where the screws should be on the 1×4.¬†Take down¬†everything to a comfortable working height and¬†fasten 1×4 to pipe with 1″ screws. Use at least 2 screws in each joint¬†to make sure it doesn’t rack, 3 is definitely better.

Heavy duty plastic hooks with flat bungee straps tie down on back

5) Wrap more pieces of pool noodle on the inside of 1×4 boards to make the whole setup stiffer. Then wrap all pieces of pool noodle with¬†tape to close up the sliced open foam. Finally add anti skid, secure with more tape.

Front of rack tie down to frame.

Now its time to try out the contraption. Make sure you have lots of straps and rope. Every vehicle has different strong tie down places. I am really happy with what I found available in Scootz ūüėČ The hooks in the back are in perfect location.

Strapping down the front is a bit more tricky, but hey I am well versed in knots for such application. Now all I have to worry about is chaff…. hope this white rope hold up for 3200miles…. Guess we will know… but in any case, I will inspect every strap every day. Definitely carry more straps and be ready to replace them whenever.

There you have it. Scootz is ready for kayak test…. coming up soon…


What space do we really need

My cabin in the woods

To begin with, everyone is different. Looking back, I see that my need for space change every decade. This is me, evaluating my lifestyle at the midpoint of my life… give and take, for I do not know if this really is the midpoint, but taking the average lifespan of modern people.

The bedroom…. is the empty storage

I am surprise that right now, I am happy and contented with living in my little cabin in the woods. A tiny 1 stove, never enuf counter space, fireplace instead of A/C. Maybe this is not truly minimalist living, its more like a retreat, becos I still own a very large apartment back in SG where I house all my life collectibles, and a rental apartment in NY where I furnished with all the creature comforts so common in every middle class home.

This bedroom is probably larger than my whole cabin.

Strangely, this line of thought struck me only recently, upon returning to my NY apartment after 2 weeks in my cabin, that I live in extreme conditions.

Turn my 1 bedroom lease into a studio.

My $1400 rent sure gives me a lot of room, so¬†much that I don’t even¬†know what to do with the bedroom, choosing instead to place the bed in the dining space with direct line of sight to the TV. A dining table that is more like a catch all, for I never eat at the table. Choosing to eat on my lap while working in front of the TV. Yep, multi tasking is my middle name. At the rate I am going, I am not sure why I even bought the bed or the desk or the dining table…. I spend almost all the time I am in the apartment on the couch.

So I am totally living like its a studio instead of a 1 bedroom. Even then, its still more space than I am used to. I mean its like my apartment in SG, but for the last few years I have gotten used to living in a really tiny space that this feels weird. Never thought I would feel there is too much space. Something in me is changed, I am just not excited about living the “good” life anymore.

My life centers around the couch.

In about 2 months, I am ending my lease and returning to my life in Port Townsend and Singapore. Realizing that all I need is the couch, I am starting to list bed, desk and table on craigslist. At the same time, I am devising a way to bring the couch with me in Scootz. Pretty sure I will pack Scootz up to the eyebrow for this 5 day driving adventure home….

Becos I need to shift the front passenger seat all the way forward to fit the length of the couch, Doug will not be with me on this adventure. With all that weight, plus the kayak on the roof, its probably for the better that I do this trip myself.

But really, where would I put that couch, TV and extra stuff once I am there in PT? Storage?


Working at home whenever I can

Do a little touristy thing….

Mostly I live and work in upstate NY, but whenever I get a chance, I head back and work my butt off on my cabin in the woods.  Each time I get only 2 weeks, and really have to check into the office 20hrs each week, so every moment I get is precious. Pre planning my projects and order my materials early is the key.

1 week before I head out,¬†28 tonnes of 3″ and 3/4″ basalt is delivered. Good thing I have Doug over there to direct the delivery to the spot where I want it.

Lots of work, everywhere

I didn’t get good flight time on my trip over, putting me there in the evening, I had to waste an evening in a airport motel, so that I could get 1/2 price Hertz rental from a off airport location. Such locations are open during normal hours only. $55 for the hotel, but I saved $300 from car rental. I am so proud of myself for saving some money, and that gave me the chance to take the lite rail down to Seattle and walk the waterfront. … and splurge on Ivar’s fish and chips that was not worth it… sigh.. touristy….

Plumbing in the watering points.

As soon as I arrive, I start some seeds going in old egg cartons, with Miracle Gro soil. 2 bags is not going to fill my planter box, just for starters. Pile of gravel in the background is 3/4″. 3″ is on the other side of the log pile.

Now its a lot of work moving the gravel from the piles into the garden perimeter. How long would it take little ol’ me to shovel gravel to fill 16′ x 24′ x 6″ garden base? In the meantime, Doug ran the pipes to the garden.

Graveling ramp and our neighbors watching us work.

A full day of back breaking work, but maybe only 10%. I need help,¬†to get it done faster… and Doug is not one for mindless shoveling work.¬†So, I got in touch with Jim who is needing work, but I only got 2hrs out of him. Then he stop showing up and I continue on my own for a few days. My arms, wrists and back killed me for 2 days before I got young James. Nothing like young backs fresh out of school.

X-large planter box coming up.

Doug and I start on building the 1st planter box as soon as half the base is filled. Anyway, it only took James 2 full days to complete the gravel work. Then we got him to level the ground for the workshop building. Getting started on that project is a bonus!

New tool on the job, laser leveler.

When that was done, James distributed the remaining gravel over the RV pad. We had a 12 yard garden compost soil delivery from Shold’s. The best in the area.

Levelled trenches read for 6×6 PT skids.

Meantime, Doug and I complete building the planter boxes. Then it was time for James to fill the boxes with soil, bucket by bucket. I continue to work after James is gone for the day. Its tough work.

Ta da! 2 X-large planter box!

Then we had delivery from Home Depot, materials for the new workshop building. We had to put up a tent over the OSB board and lumber. Keeping it dry is futile but we try. And check out the site prep and the RV pad next to it! Its coming together.

Kale starts and seeds going in.

Final tally for James, I got 4 days of 6hrs work. It really¬†made all that difference for me. Really bang for my buck! And he was really happy with that exchange. Hope he will do something smart with that money. ūüôā

Mint is not welcomed in the planter. It needs to grow in its own pot.

On the last 3 days of my “vacation”, I ran the irrigation, plant berries and cherries around the garden base. Was so thankful to have neighbor Dawn come over to help me put the seeds into the garden.

Unfortunately I did not get to see any sprouting before I had to go… But with all the help we got, it gave me and Doug a day to enjoy not working. So it was 1 vacation day in all of 15 days that I was away from NY.

Counting on Doug to watch over my seedlings, send me pictures of the birthing…. and Dawn to come over to check on them …. till I am back in August! then I get to enjoy the fruits ūüôā



Watch this space

Big changes in 3 years. Signs of life in what used to be forest.

Amazing new technology that make it so easy to record the changes to my little plot of land. Who saw that coming? Not me.

But now that it is here and available…. ūüôā

I kinda check Google maps every 6 months or so…. but 1 day I found that Jefferson county has a better and more frequently updated aerial. Seems to me like that it is a competition between satellite pictures versus drone pictures, and my vote goes to drone of course…

Which brings me to the point…. with technology like this we are monitored more closely than ever before… Looks like a great way to look for undeclared buildings or¬†unauthorized¬†improvements in outlaying regions.

So is all these advancement really great… hmm….. can we get away with anything anymore?


Home work

Who likes homework? Really, I do. Its what I look forward to for months before I get to do it.

Almost home, flying over the Cascades

Yup, my home work is not an assignment put onto me by anybody else. It literally mean going home and working on my property ūüôā … ya, some kind of vacation… Doug and I could have gone on a cruise, but¬†Port Townsend WA¬†is really where we want to be and improving the property is what we want to do.

Redid our fireplace

Time is short 2 weeks for me… have to back at my desk in NY after that, but Doug gets to stay on and indulge in life back home. Lucky him. Well, so we are zipping across in a plane this time… not train, not driving, not cruising… seeing the Cascades from up above. The Cascades is like the great East West divide to me.

Is that straight?

At the airport, we collected our 2 large checked in bags and 4 carry ons, walked over to the parking garage and took Lyft to a off airport rental car facility. Cost $35 for the ride, but I got a mini van from Hertz for a amazing price of $300 for 2 weeks, tax included. Getting it from the airport would have been $500 at least.

Made it to the cabin just before it got too dark. What a relief that everything is just fine, no break in, no fallen tree on the cabin… our 2 greatest fear for leaving the cabin to fend for itself… Its always good to know that this is a good neighborhood and I have great neighbors.

Not a moment to waste

Not a moment to lose, we head out to Poulsbro the very next day and ordered up my largest Home Depot purchase till date. Lots of 12ft timbers and metal roofing sheets, no way we can load those into the minivan… Since I am paying $79 for delivery,¬†I went overboard and ordered lots of materials for future projects as well.

Garden perimeter

While waiting for the delivery, which unfortunately is 4 days away because that’s when they deliver to PT, we sort out this and that around the property, storage and checked on Calliste at the marina.

And I found this amazing fireplace online and felt that I absolutely need to drive out to Lowes at Port Orchard to get it right away. Finally the minivan paid off, the boxed up package just barely made it into the back. At 250lbs, the guys loaded it with a forklift… now its a challenge for us to get it out and shift into the cabin. Long story how we did it, but the picture tells it all… we did it!

The log condo!

This trip, my 3¬†projects are to build the garden perimeter, planter boxes and log condo. It is impossible to complete all 3 projects, but we got the perimeter ready for gravel and 1 log condo. Doug can build another 2 log condos in his free time later, all he needed was the sample ūüôā . Started on 1 corner of the planter box… sigh… not enuf for Doug to go on and finish, so it will be something that we have to complete in my next trip home… hopefully in time for the growing season.

Sadly I have to go back to my other life… sigh… I had a awesome vacation being home and working on these projects! Money better spent then my other plan of cruising the Carribean onboard Carnival Cruises.



Snowed in and super cold Christmas

Preparing to go out.

Deep freeze winter arrive early this year and hung around for the whole time between Christmas and New Years… and still here. To go out in these -ve ‘F temperature, we gotta dress for it…

Standing by the snowbank, ready for the walk.

Long thermal underwear, pull thick woolen socks over the top of them and then fully lined fleeced pants. For the top, I needed a fleece zip up jacket over long sleeve T and my heaviest wind and water proof jacket. Dont forgot fully lined waterproof mittens.

So here I am, fully wind chill and water proof, except for the face, going to walk 1/4 mile to the supermarket. Should have gotten the scarf, but I thought it would be okay for such a short walk. And yeah, I didnt miss it…

What else is there to do? Build a couple of snowman in the patio

1 thing tho, there are a lot of frozen walkway thats really slippery. Doug’s heavy boots worked well for him, my crocs dont quite have the bite… I had a few skids along the way and only once fell hard onto my butt and elbow. I was doing so well until the last 3 steps back to the apartment. Drats!

How does that look?

Okay, so its a long Christmas weekend and I am bored… so I went out to build a snowman. It was so cold that it was hard work¬†to pack the fluffy snow. I had to push, press and blow on it a lot. It takes pressure and some heat to melt a few snow flakes and just enuf for it to fuse and freeze again into the shape.

… Finally I got the right shape for 1 snowman, I was so tired that I abandoned the 2nd one that was started. Went inside to warm up for a while….

Then¬†I decided to really go at it, while inside the warm apartment… to make sunglasses and vest for the little guy… But it dont seem complete without a hat. And I found a key cover that I was crochetting, seems like the perfect size… ūüôā

Well, I guess this little fella is gonna stay around for a long time … with the kind of cold that we have…


We’ve moved. Again.

Pre move in cleaning.

Seems not too long ago that we moved into a rented apartment in Malta, NY. Actually its been a year, and now that the lease is up, I chose not to renew.

Might have been a lot more convenient and cheaper to just stay put, but I had a run in with property management regarding maintenance and communication with new staff. Will not and dont have to put up with it. Thats me, and it will happen again in my next rental. I can see it coming… oh no… so what I am to do?

Me and the van at our new digs. Nope its not going to fit in the garage.

Hope for the best….

This time, I found a take over lease situation in Wilton, NY. This lease is until end April 18, then I can have the option of looking for a new place, or quit my job and move back to PT. Its my plan to leave my job in summer anyway, cos I miss my life in PT so much. So anyway, whatever, this short term rental arrangement suits me just fine.

Have enough setup to resume apartment living within 48hrs.

Well, but for takeover lease, the  apartment is in the state as the guy left it. Dirty and with some marks on the walls. We have to do a lot of cleaning, which we did a full Saturday worth.

Moving H/P Yeli and remaining stuff.

Sunday was a better day for renting a Uhual van anyway. I guess too many people try to move on Saturday too, and vans were not available for enough time to run 2 trips. So Sunday it is, and a Uhaul dealer that operates on Sunday is only 1 mile from our new apartment!

Snow season started as we moved the last load.

Its a good thing that our IKEA furniture is very easily portable in 2 Uhual van loads. Actually we could do just the long and bulky items in 1 van load and run 10 car loads with Scootz slowly over the next 3 weeks, if we really wanted to. Yes, we had a luxurious 3 weeks overlap. ūüôā Cost us a unfair bit, but it is what it is. I am not going to break the lease agreement and get into another spat.

Yay. Place for H/P Yelli in the garage.

We needed 2 weekends after moving to clean up the old digs nicely anyway. We didnt have to rush, so cleaning was actually quite therapeutic. Who would have thot.

The last thing we moved is the 12ft kayak. It was just too long for the van, and too difficult to lift it over the roof of a tall van, so Scootz it is. And Scootz will be the one to carry that H/P Yeli all of 3000miles back to PT in summer … We will have to tie down better in that trip… Things we learn… shouldnt have shipped Yeli over here to begin with…

Well, we made it and we are done before the bad pre Christmas snow storm. Phew!

Sailing 2015: Port Townsend(WA, US) -> Costes Island (BC, Canada)

Sailing 2013: Singapore -> Okinawa -> Kobe

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