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65hrs train ride (part 1)

Yup we must be going somewhere 🙂 … slowly

Just us and few others.

Its spring, time to head back to Port Townsend to check on my cabin… and to get summer projects rolling for Doug. Yeah sure we could choose to fly, but with all that luggage that Doug is bringing, taking the train is cheaper and less security hassles. Plus we get to see all that scenery and feel touristy for a change.

Flying feels rushed… there is a very business feel to it…

Arriving at Chicago. So many tracks.

Where taking the slow train seems kinda fun and relaxing to me …. maybe its the novelty, maybe its the wide seats and huge leg room and less than 25% ridership vs 100% on most flights…

Remember seeing this place on the big screen?

21 Apr 1800hrs: A great friend came to transfer us from our apartment in Malta to Schenectady. Car ride 40 mins. Its nice that there is no check in 2hrs early requirement :)… so in fact we were there way too early … yeah, but we didn’t want to be held up by rush hour traffic and miss the train, so it worked out.

Looks that maintenance is a daily chore around here

Me! At Union Station, Chicago, IL.

21 Apr 1930hrs: We start off with #49 Lake Shore Limited from Schenectady, NY bound Chicago, IL. 15hrs overnight train ride, not much to see, but we are just excited to be on our way home. Our mood was light and happy as we settle down into our seats and ate the dinner that we prepared back in the apartment. We brought a travel kettle and instant hot beverage packs so we could have a steaming hot beverage anytime and right at our seat … not to mention we save $2 for each cuppa that we don’t buy from the lounge car :). Yes, we got the water on board… from the bathroom…. yikes? Yep, that’s how I felt about it, but Doug was unfazed.

This almost could be Singapore River.

After hours of eating and talking, we laid our seats fully back and pulled out the foot rest to seat height. To be stuck for such a long journey in a seat, the chair must be a lot more comfy than a plane, otherwise who would put up with it?

I like that globe at the foot of that tower. Wonder what is the significance.

Then I notice the more veteran train riders brought their large swooshy pillows. The real thing, not the travel type. That and a travel fleece blanket made so much sense. I guess on our next trip, we’ll have a few tricks of our own…. nevertheless, I slept most of the night away and maybe was just a little sore in the morning. Doug did pretty well too.

River taxi going by.

Thru the night, the train made quite a few stops. Passengers came and went. Nobody, we learned, was going our distance …. 🙂

Chinese not open.

22 Apr 1015hrs: Arrived at Chicago on schedule. Our next train is 4 hours away…. its so nice to have unlimited mobile data and not lose network throughout this trip, maybe we did but I wasn’t constantly needing data, anyway pre arrival, I google mapped Chicago Union Station surroundings, wondering where can I go to get us some good bites for the next longer leg. Only then did I realize that the station is right downtown in Chicago! How convenient. Unlike airports which is always bus rides away.

Japanese not opened too!

Doug prefers to sit with the bags in the lounge while I go check out the city. We both like this arrangement 🙂 … except that he warns me about the gangs that are everywhere in Chicago, especially in Chinatown … well we just have to trust my guardian angel when I am out there walking myself 🙂

Robinsons it is!

So there I went, checking out the historic Union Station, then walking towards the riverfront, crossing the little bridge into downtown Chicago. Its a Saturday, not many people around… tall building line the river… a river taxi goes by… felt just like Singapore on a Saturday.

Surprisingly real and tasty food.

Oh NO! Just like Singapore, food places that I was so looking forward too were not opened, because its a weekend!

Drats, just have to get whats in Union Station. Well, there is a food court with the usual suspects… then I saw this Mom n Pop shoppe that I just must try because its not everywhere and everyday that I see honest real people behind the counter. And for $8 it was honest real food. Simple and yet very tasty!

1 hour walk, 1 hour to eat, 1 hour to find the boarding platform to #7 the Empire Builder. Time pass quickly, but it was enough time for me in Chicago on a Saturday…


Revisiting Marina Bay Sands

That's where we had lunch. I like the airy feel.

That’s where we had lunch. I like the airy feel.

Last time I was at MBS was in 2010, a Christmas morning walk with Doug. Then, MBS and surrounding area was so new and we chose a time that most people are still in bed to do our walk. It was really pleasant walk and the architecture was really interesting to my eyes.

Love the mother of pearl mosaic table top.

Love the mother of pearl mosaic table top.

Now, 4 of us gals from work are looking for a place to go hang out. We wanted buffet lunch where we can overfeed ourselves, and then it should be a interesting place that we could all enjoy walking it off. Well, maybe its the buy 3 get 1 free offer from a credit card, we decided on the buffet lunch at Rise in MBS hotel lobby 1.



We were kinda celebrating the “completion” of a major project…. kinda, because on hindsight the project was not yet complete on our day out… but we all needed a break, to do something different other than hanging out at office.

The Jap plate.

The Jap plate.

And now! Lets talk about the food! I love the cheese and olives variety. I think I will come back to this buffet just on the spread of cheese, olives and salad bar. The lamb rack was my favorite meat on this plate, the others are so-so lah. 🙂

My favorite meat of the meal!

My favorite meat of the meal!

I made up a beautiful plate of Japanese… scallops, octopi, tuna, salmon… I think the selection of Japanese meats is quite disappointing actually, and the quality of the meats taste frozen… not as tasty as going to Ichiban or any chain restaurant. .. but then, my expectation on Japanese food is much higher than most cos I have been exposed to real Japanese cuisine in Japan, where I stayed for months on end.

The giant wash basin ...

The giant wash basin …

At least these whelks made up for the disappointing Jap foods. Surprisingly, these were really tasty and seemed fresh! … but I think it was frozen and shipped, but I know that the thawing and steaming made all the difference. Got to do them just right, to retain the natural light sweetness, chewiness and texture. I tried buying these frozen whelks back in the US on 2 occasions. The 1st time, it got to tough and lost its tastiness. 2nd time round I got it almost right… and these were absolutely delicious.

Pose everybody!

Pose everybody!

There you have it, we could learn the art of sculling here in the malls...

There you have it, we could learn the art of sculling here in the malls…

All right, then there were the usual deserts… which is good too, but not something that I can really appreciate… that’s just me… deserts are not really my thing..

Next, walking off the full tummy… by now its really starting to feel uncomfortable… and while I don’t like admitting it, I threw it all out within the hour. … thank goodness for this great wash basin 😛 … nah… just kidding… but I did expel all that calories, into the proper channel.

Parting shot. From the long escalator up to the skywalk.

Parting shot. From the long escalator up to the skywalk.

There is a little Venice in the mall… guy in the back was sculling really well, I am impressed…but the boat is strangely painted in the Singapore river theme. … my opinion? I have a identity crisis… this is not like Venice, and sculling in the Singapore river was never our heritage… is this what you call fusion? I don’t think it mix well.

Us at MBS, plus another on the back end of the camera.

Us at MBS, plus another on the back end of the camera.

I call this the fake forest park, and the fake tree top restaurant.

I call this the fake forest park, and the fake tree top restaurant.

Okay, so its time to go. Finding our way to the car, parked at Gardens by the Bay… cos its cheaper to park there and easier to find parking too. Anyway, it offers a view of the mall that I never saw. I like the roof, simple and looks amazing from this angle.

And a picture moment with the landmark. A really interesting angle. Wonder why I never thought of composing a picture like that myself.

Finally walking into the fake forest… hazy day, yes the PSI was quite high, unfortunately. .. otherwise we would have gone to the sky park … well, that’s a great reason to come back to MBS again.. 🙂


New Years’ day ride on Singapore flyer

What is the Singapore flyer? Is it a plane? Nope, its the large ferries wheel in downtown Singapore… how misleading to call it a flyer when the passengers dont actually take off…

Does it really feel like flying over downtown SG? no....

Does it really feel like flying over downtown SG? no….

Well anyway, its time I start getting used to being local and tourist at the same time. Its oxymoron in the past, but more and more I find thats the case with Singapore. Being local means I can easily get there without needing directions, but other than that, its a new experience and paying the full $30 each for the tickets makes it feel touristy. Lets hope its worth it… many locals said it was not worth their discounted tickets and they wouldnt do it a 2nd time unless it were free…

Lots of tour operators here.

Lots of tour operators here.

But I am one who wouldnt take common opinion at face value, so I am willing to try… given the right circumstances. We dont like crowds and certainly would not like our capsule to be shared by too many people, especially kids. … yep, thats just us…

So I figured that most people, local and tourist both, would be hungover from partying after partying thru the New Year’s eve countdown. .. With that plan in mind, I booked our tickets online and got a 10% discount, well its better than not getting any.

Thats as high as we would go on this ride.

Thats as high as we would go on this ride.

We really like how convenient it is to be staying at Serangoon, right close to the MRT station running the Northeast and Circle lines. 0930hrs, we are on the Circle Line heading to Promenade Station. 1000hrs, we are here at the base. Spend some time browsing the displays before heading up to the flyer.

Foreground, new SG. Background, old SG.

Foreground, new SG. Background, old SG.

Once in every 10 minutes, a bus load of tourist would come in and it was loud! Doug had to put in the plugs… I am a little disappointed that the management spend any effort to use ways to manage sounds to enhance the experience… I mean, now that so much research has been done, it definitely is possible to mitigate the volume with creative use of space and floor and wall cladding materials. … but I guess they (like so many other SG building management) cheap out and let the squeals resonant thru the enclosed staging area.

The fake botanical gardens, new SG soil and the straits of SG.

The fake botanical gardens, new SG soil and the straits of SG.

We timed our entering the queue to perfection. Letting the bunch of tourist go ahead of us, then a large family gathering. We it was our turn to board the capsule, it was only us and a Japanese couple. Yep, I always like sharing spaces with Japanese people. Thru many decades of being forced into sharing spaces, they integrated consideration for others into their behaviors. Can you believe it, talking on the mobile phone while in a train is frowned upon in Japan?

Getting back to the base station... a man made rain forest awaits.

Getting back to the base station… a man made rain forest awaits.

1030hrs, really enjoying our 20 min in a quiet little capsule, taking in the views and snapping away. Between the 4 of us in this capsule, we have 3 cameras and 3 phones to take pictures with… being a modern tourist is all about gadgets 🙂 and links to FB or whatever webpage…

The $20 hawker meal for 2.

The $20 hawker meal for 2.

1130hrs, hungry! Well, there is a foodcourt at the base… most old days local food is available… at slightly elevated prices to cater to tourists 🙂 .. taste? okay lah… 🙂 Being local, I can name 10 other places where we’ll get much better tasting foods at greater value … but for today, I let it ride… especially since the hawker tried to take my order in Cantonese, Korean, French and finally English. … ? A multi lingual hawker must be worth more bucks eh.. 🙂

Walking in a bizarre area of bridges.

Walking in a bizarre area of bridges.

Now for a stroll back to Promenade MRT station… walking by my favorite new bridge, and seeing preparations for the next New Year celebrations is underway… as in the Chinese New Year is only a month away.

Some big plans for the CNY.

Some big plans for the CNY.


Seto Nakai part 2 – Kitagi Surprise

We never heard of Kitagi until we were in Okinawa and doing research on shipping Calliste from Kobe, thus having to sail through the inland sea. We came across several blogs that suggested Kitagi to be a great stopover place for cruisers and visit with Colin and wife is like a foreign cruisers ritual if one is passing through the Seto Nakai.

Colin and Mika runs a sail loft and marine supplies shop on Kitagi island. What a unusual place for such a business… why Kitagi? I guess we are here to find out.

We arrive at Kitagi on a rainy morning day, a little breeze all around and some gust coming down from the mountains. A dreary day. We went into the harbor where Colin has his sailboats and allow side ties up to the boats… but we were not comfortable tying up and conditions were not quite right… so Doug drop me off the red ferry pier and went out to anchor off the beach in 8M. I carry my little portable Standard Horizon VHF for shore to ship comms on channel 72.

Ferry waiting hut.

Ferry waiting hut.

It was late Saturday afternoon when I landed at the pier. I thought I’ll just walk around and see what provisions could be gotten on the island, maybe even a nice dinner to take out, then bump in Colin at his shop… Well, I guess one can always plan for the best and accept whatever the outcome.

A beautifully kept garden and mansion on Kitagi island.

A beautifully kept garden and mansion on Kitagi island.

There are only few streets in this village and a road goes around the island, joining all the villages. My estimate is that one can walk leisurely around the island in 4hrs, but for today, I am only going to walk around this village and gawk at the beautiful ornamented old houses. There were some very well kept gardens with bonsais and stone ornaments next to well kept manors… and on the flip side, there were some run down shop fronts, messy shop windows and signs of a glorious past left to decay.

There were quite many houses, but not many people at all… There was a small group of 5 tourist, and I guess they must be staying at the 1 operational hotel… where’s the restaurant..? No restaurant!? I didnt find any… I mean there should be a sign, menu or lanterns that would make a restaurant quite obvious right?

Yes, there is 1 provisions shop, and its quite well stocked. I am surprised, but they do have a limited selection of rice trikes and bentos. The trikes taste very good! One of the best that I have had in Japan. Well, that, fruit cake and fresh bananas for Doug. Thats all I could get for dinner… could have gotten frozen meat and some veges, but dun really wanna cook.

Colin's sail loft on the left

Colin’s sail loft on the left

I couldnt find Colin’s marine business in my walk, so I ask the man at the ferry waiting hut. Well, not that we could really converse, but I gather from his gestures that Colin is not on the island on that day… Well, time to ask Jaap, using my Docomo mobile internet and FB of course. Ok, made contact, Colin will be back this evening and we’ll hook up on Sunday. Called Doug on the VHF, picked me from the red pontoon and out to anchor again.

Skinny whitey

Skinny whitey

Next morning, while sitting at anchor, we figured out that the big building next to the waterfront is Colin’s loft. Somehow, we just did feel like that must be it… and we were right. 1200hrs, I called Colin to ask if its possible to arrange a small craft to come pick us from our anchored spot, and he was so obliging 🙂 .. Doug wouldnt have gone on shore otherwise… hard-headed man. Anyway, from what I hear, he was really happy that he did go onshore and made that connection.

Fatty Blackie... reminds me of smudge...

Fatty Blackie… reminds me of smudge…

1st stop, tour de sail loft! Colin bought the building cheaply as many business were moving off the island, and converted it for sail work, warehouse, office and residence. Impressive! ..

Then we meet Mika in the office. And he has room for 2 cats here… sweet!

Buttered, pan fried abalone and top shells.

Buttered, pan fried abalone and top shells.

2nd stop, lunch. So there is a restaurant on this island? Yep, 4 restaurants but we’ll go to the only one thats open on Sunday… good thing is that they serve a lot selection of foods and cooking style. Seafood is their speciality of course… judging by the abalone and snail shells that lined their garden. So I must try the buttered pan fried abalone and snail dish… and I really like it! I’m a sucker for anything in shells.

The food was great and the company of Colin and Mika was amazing. This was such a treat! One of my most memorable meals in Japan for sure!

3rd stop, visit a stone works shop. We were so curious about Kitagi, I mean the numerous mansions suggest that there was a time when this was a very prosperous city and now falling apart as there are not many people left on the island. .. So this island was a rich granite mining ground and had many stone works shops, but demand for stone works fell off the cliff when the Japanese economic bubble burst in the 80s. Most of the quarry and stone workshops could not compete with cheaper foreign products and declining demand, had to close or moved away from Kitagi. Most of its younger families had to move off the island to get work in the city, leaving the elders and those who enjoy a simpler island life to continue working the land.

Stone works shop

Stone works shop

There is still a small demand for Japanese stone works that could be satisfied by the smaller number of craftsmen still in this trade. Colin brought us to a shop that was busy and had to work through Sunday. It was the only shop that was open and it was busy because of automation, passion and innovation by its owners. 2 generations of husbands and wives work together in this shop.

What kind of blades cut a slab of stone...?

What kind of blades cut a slab of stone…?

Using computers to control the cutting of the stone, technology to design and create the cut list for each project. Much less stone is wasted at this shop as they were able to design imperfections in the stone into desirable features of art in their work. They learned how to use art and technology in their work and that help them stay in business and stay together as a family. I am impressed!

We were very thankful to Colin and the people who told us about Colin. Without them, we wouldn’t have stopped at Kitagi, we wouldn’t have known what we missed. Kitagi may never become prosperous again, but the beauty of it is that the people remaining on the island has transcended the need for material wealth and is living the beautiful life of simplicity.

We returned to Calliste that evening feeling quite awed and … very zen…


3 days in Jeju

We are not like any other tourist visiting Jeju… Most of my time is spent on working on the internet, and Doug is busy preparing Calliste for the next leg. Refilling fuel, water tanks, some maintenance, etc.

… and for us sailors visiting a new port, we dont have our own transport, so we rely on whats available, choosing the cheapest if possible. As most marinas are, Gim Yeong is quite out in the sticks. No groceries and no food within walking distance. Bus stop is not far away, but communicating with the drivers is always more difficult than necessary. .. but buses are quite cheap actually, 1500Won each. Not sure if thats the real price, but it seems to be what the drivers always ask for… but hey, its US$1.50 for a seemingly long distance, who wants to argue about that right?

That's a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

That’s a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Cab fare from Jeju city to Gim Yeong is around 17500Won, which again, is not bad … unless you meet a greedy cab driver that takes you for a ride… that happened to us in our 1st cab ride. Tough luck, we are foreigners and easy targets.

So anyway, we are in Jeju, and we must at least do something touristy for a few hours… I decided that I am going to visit the UNESCO heritage site that we 1st saw coming into Jeju. Of course I didn’t know what it was until we are here and theres lots of brochure information about it. .. and lucky us, its a convenient bus ride away and a bit of a walk.

Tour buses galore at Song San

Tour buses galore at Song San

Its summer and that means the sun is up at 0500hrs. We hit the roads at 0645hrs, later than the 0600hrs that we wanted to… I was hoping to be back by 1000hrs and login to work, so lets see if I can make it or not. We got on the bus about 0710hrs and arrive at the village 0750hrs. That’s not bad, in time to get a breakfast from the convenience store… Its nice that convenience stores has some tables for customers to eat in. Unlike stores in Japan where there is a great selection of foods, but no place to eat.

Low tide exposing mossy rocks

Low tide exposing mossy rocks

0830hrs, we are on the walk from the village to Song San. We don’t have good walking directions, just roughly walking in the direction of the very visible outcrop and once in a while see a sign board pointing us to the right path. .. Look out for tourist buses, they are the best indication to where the attractions are. 🙂

As we were walking, the temperature rose above 30 deg C… we dun feel like walking anymore and wanna head back quickly to hide in the A/C of the marina office, but we have to at least walk to the bus stop… We were resting a some shed when a tour bus unloaded bunch of Chinese tourist who promptly headed out to the beach… I wonder whats so interesting beyond the shed… so I followed them out… and lucky me, it was a nice view of Song San and the beach leading to it. I am glad I didn’t miss this view and the picture turned out great. I had to wait till the tourist left before I could get a clear shot… they were all over the place and picking up hermits… damn Chinese tourist, they dun have the eco mindedness of leaving things alone… and me… I picked 3 black rocks to remember this visit… Hope that’s acceptable…

Bunch of tentacles... octopi ....

Bunch of tentacles… octopi ….

I had to leave Doug to rest at the bus stop while I was around the corner to get a glimpse of the entrance to Song San… we should be really close and I just wanted to know that we did get there at the very least. Walking from the beach to the entrance, I pass many seafood restaurants… and poor creatures that will soon be served to the visitors to Song San…

Poor man abalone...

Poor man abalone…

And these are some sort of conch…. I would like to try, but that’s just me, seafood junkie… Doug wouldn’t approve…

I am here! At Song San.

I am here! At Song San.

Just a few more steps and viola, here I am, at the entrance… I made my point, got my evidence that I have been to the UNESCO world heritage site of Song San while at Jeju. .. Feeling accomplished … heading back.

BTW, this is a aerial picture that somebody took by flying over. This is not what we laymen will see by walking there or hiking into the crater… So while I think there might be some value to go hiking up the hill, I am not doing this is summer… Maybe another time or maybe never… doesn’t bother me .

Was 1030hrs when we got back … so I was late for work, well, I’ll make up for it later…


In the mood for a long walk

My 10km walk... covered quite an impressive area eh...

My 10km walk… covered quite an impressive area eh…

Now that everything is setup and comfy for staying on board Calliste at Ginowan Marina, I feel like in the mood to take a looonnnngggggg walk and explore the area. This sort of walk needs a little planning. A general direction or attraction not too far away…  a 8km walk with stops here and there..

Early birds catches the worms...

Early birds catches the worms…

Decided that I should set out really early.. like just after 1st light, when its nice and cool. … and yes, I have my mind set on a Mac breakfast along the way. … and lucky shot for me, catching pic of a bird perched on the branch. Turned out well.

Counter at Macd's... its in Jap :) ask for the English menu..

Counter at Macd’s… its in Jap 🙂 ask for the English menu..

This Macds is really quite posh and nice. What d’ya think?

Everything on the board is Japanese … of course… ask for the English menu… or just point and it cant really go wrong…

The very posh sitting area in Macd's Okinawa

The very posh sitting area in Macd’s Okinawa

And my Mega Muffin! Double patties, cheese, bacon… it was really good. I am going to be back for more, thats for sure!

Served just like any Macd's that I been to

Served just like any Macd’s that I been to

I think I qualify for being a Macd fan… for sure … maybe they should pay me for this juicy Mega Muffin pic on my blog… 🙂 … drool people, drool!

… hee hee hee…. I am being evil here… and I am not getting fat myself, for some reason my cholesterol is not bad either 🙂 … Maybe there is a reason for this long walks afterall.

My MEGA Muffin! It was really good too.

My MEGA Muffin! It was really good too.

Next stop, Iso garden. .. eh… not as breathtaking as I had hoped when I set out… <yawn…>

…but at least I got a good view of the bay… and good workout climbing the hill.

View of Ginowan bay...

View of Ginowan bay…

Keeping an eye out for pretty flowers, as I always like taking pictures of them. Its been my long time hobby since my 1st SLR.

Altho, the flowers planted here in Okinawa were really not too special … seen before too many times, elsewhere.

Just about the time I need a drink… at Lawson’s… and then I realized I didn’t bring out my purse… so I am really eating away my pocketful of coins… Its easy to collect US$10 worth of coins in Japan and so it was easy for me to survive on change… but no BlueSeal ice-cream and crepe… and after the generic brand ice-cream and drink, I dun have enuf to take the bus back.  … sigh….

So I walked more than 10 km today, by me estimate… I was a sorry state when I got back to Calliste..


Touristy things in Okinawa.

Most touristy street in Okinawa

Most touristy street in Okinawa

I think that yachties aren’t usually touristy kinda people in general. Only occasionally I might go to places that are frequented by more foreigners than locals. Mostly because its boring to do touristy things alone and I could never get Doug interested to go with me. So with Monique visiting us at Okinawa, I jumped at the chance to go stroll down Kokusai Dory, the most touristy street in Naha.

Old shophouses with new purpose in existance.

Old shophouses with new purpose in existance.

This would be my first time getting into Naha, the main city on Okinawa island. If not for Monique, I would have no reason to visit Naha, a US$4.50, 30 mins bus ride… well anyway, for a change of scenery and maybe discover some really good food.

Walk down ... almost crawl in doorway into noodle shop.

Walk down … almost crawl in doorway into noodle shop.

Most developed cities have a original town… the one that was first built and rebuilt until it could not hold any more new buildings, then a new town is built nearby and developed into bigger and more functional business district. .. thats when the town old is left to rot or if there is enuf money or sentimental value, it could be preserved. This form of touristy preservation of old towns are same in Europe, Singapore … etc. It is more interesting than the 10 mega modern malls that are everywhere… for a change.

How to order? Just try one of these...

How to order? Just try one of these…

We decided that we should try something very traditional Japanese, like eating at those little food shops by the roadside. These are not restaurants, but cozy little kitchen with counters for people to grab a quick meal. This kind of shops have no picture menu or fake food display… they are absolutely as traditional Japanese as you can get… stepping into one of these little shops is definately a great way to immerse oneself deeply into the Japanese culture. Certainly the cook and the waitress are not expecting any foreigners to step in there, so dont expect them to speak any English.  

My 300 yen noodles, with 2 pieces sliced pork from Moniques 500 yen bowl.

My 300 yen noodles, with 2 pieces sliced pork from Moniques 500 yen bowl.

It took some guts for us to pick out something from one of the 6 plaques. These are food that are served in here. So I choose the 300y thing and Monique choose the 500y… we’ll see what it is when its served… fingers crossed.

Continuing tradition with drum and dance performances.

Continuing tradition with drum and dance performances.

So it seems everything in this shop is a noodle. We kinda figured out that the plain noodle in broth is 100y, with additional fishcakes at 300y, add 200y for additional pork… wonder what is 600y and 700y… I thought it was very nice, I ate it all very quickly.

Here we are, not so hungry anymore, checking out the souveniers and street performances. The Kokusai Dory street is closed to traffic every Sunday in the afternoon, allowing performers to play out on the street.

waiting our turn...

waiting our turn…

Lining the Kokusai dory and its side streets were shops selling gifts, toys, “I been to Okinawa” T-shirts, soveneirs and foods… I have no desire to buy anything to clutter up my life, but was happy to look. And yes… fooddddD!!!

Ah.... Sushi coming up!

Ah…. Sushi coming up!

We kept an eye out for conveyor belt sushi … and we thot this was the land of conveyor belt sushi, but we could not find any.. and was almost going to give up… and then, at the last building along Kokusai Dory was a little mall that we were going to refresh ourselves…. and VIOLA! Finally a conveyor belt sushi! It  turned out to be a great sushi place inside a 4 star hotel! Very well made and presented! Monique was really impressed.. and the price for a small mid day snack was $US10! So surprisingly inexpensive! Yup! That was a great way to end our very interesting sightseeing day in town.

Sailing 2015: Port Townsend(WA, US) -> Costes Island (BC, Canada)

Sailing 2013: Singapore -> Okinawa -> Kobe

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