What space do we really need

My cabin in the woods

To begin with, everyone is different. Looking back, I see that my need for space change every decade. This is me, evaluating my lifestyle at the midpoint of my life… give and take, for I do not know if this really is the midpoint, but taking the average lifespan of modern people.

The bedroom…. is the empty storage

I am surprise that right now, I am happy and contented with living in my little cabin in the woods. A tiny 1 stove, never enuf counter space, fireplace instead of A/C. Maybe this is not truly minimalist living, its more like a retreat, becos I still own a very large apartment back in SG where I house all my life collectibles, and a rental apartment in NY where I furnished with all the creature comforts so common in every middle class home.

This bedroom is probably larger than my whole cabin.

Strangely, this line of thought struck me only recently, upon returning to my NY apartment after 2 weeks in my cabin, that I live in extreme conditions.

Turn my 1 bedroom lease into a studio.

My $1400 rent sure gives me a lot of room, so much that I don’t even know what to do with the bedroom, choosing instead to place the bed in the dining space with direct line of sight to the TV. A dining table that is more like a catch all, for I never eat at the table. Choosing to eat on my lap while working in front of the TV. Yep, multi tasking is my middle name. At the rate I am going, I am not sure why I even bought the bed or the desk or the dining table…. I spend almost all the time I am in the apartment on the couch.

So I am totally living like its a studio instead of a 1 bedroom. Even then, its still more space than I am used to. I mean its like my apartment in SG, but for the last few years I have gotten used to living in a really tiny space that this feels weird. Never thought I would feel there is too much space. Something in me is changed, I am just not excited about living the “good” life anymore.

My life centers around the couch.

In about 2 months, I am ending my lease and returning to my life in Port Townsend and Singapore. Realizing that all I need is the couch, I am starting to list bed, desk and table on craigslist. At the same time, I am devising a way to bring the couch with me in Scootz. Pretty sure I will pack Scootz up to the eyebrow for this 5 day driving adventure home….

Becos I need to shift the front passenger seat all the way forward to fit the length of the couch, Doug will not be with me on this adventure. With all that weight, plus the kayak on the roof, its probably for the better that I do this trip myself.

But really, where would I put that couch, TV and extra stuff once I am there in PT? Storage?


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