Prep for going away

Its summer and we are cruising to British Columbia. So whats going to happen to the cabin and garden?

New addition, 30W solar panel and 250G water tank.

New addition, 30W solar panel and 250G water tank.

At this time, there is no power, water or land phone line connection to my property… and maybe there is no need too hook up at all. Currently, 2 pieces of 125AmH batteries run all the electrics in the cabin. Using all LED lights and USB charging cords for gadgets and mobile broadband internet. I seem to be able to live comfortably with small energy draw. Charging these 60lbs batteries was a bit of a pain… bringing them to our rented storage space to charge them every few days.

Finally I had enough of doing this. We added a 30W solar panel to keep batteries charged up. With prices of solar panels and charge controller so cheap on Amazon, and in addition to improved energy efficiency of all these modern day gadgets, do I really need to hook up to electric anymore? For heating, I have firewood to last me 10 years! I miss refrigeration, but if I really wanted it, I could get a LPG powered unit, or add 600W worth of solar panels and inverter.

Drip feed kit.

Drip feed kit.

It sure would be nice to come back and have batteries already charged and lights working.

We get water from the storage too. We are charged a fair bit for that and its a lot of trouble moving bulk water around. I guess we will eventually hook up to water….

Drip feed going into pot of Coriander

Drip feed going into pot of Coriander

But for now, we have a 250G (overfilled to 270G) tank supply with drip feed to the garden at 0.5 G per hour. But calculations, that would run for 540 hours = 22 days. But we will be gone for about 30 days… well, fingers crossed, hope it rains occasionally after the tank is dry.

Beginnings of onion flower

Beginnings of onion flower

Drip feeding is becoming popular these days with the drought conditions affecting all of the west coast… (not so bad where we are), so these kits are easily available at Home Depot or Amazon (cheaper!) Doug is surprised that it works with so little pressure, like in our case its probably 10lbs or less when the tank is low. And it took some fiddling around (instructions not included in the kit) to get the drip reduced to a small amount to eat pot. Its hard to get it balanced, as in some pots may never get a drip while others before it gets flooded. It was too late for me to order a watering timer… drats! But that would make balancing much easier.



I am just happy to know that usually difficult to cultivate herbs seems to grow well under my care. We have flowering onions and harvestable coriander already!

Before this I had no idea how to plant onions to get onions… this is a new experience for me and I still cant imagine the bulb growing larger underground. … And I cant wait to harvest some onion seeds for next season 🙂

Coriander, ginger and red chili padis are most often used in my cooking… and so difficult or expensive to get them here. Back home, I grew chili padis and harvest all the time. Now I have the Coriander growing, and I just started a pot of ginger…

Hoping for the best… guess we’ll know in a months time…

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