Days are getting longer…

40ft tall Alder downed.

40ft tall Alder downed.

And its a little less cold. Danger of frost is now past and its time to get the garden going.

Living in temperate climate is a refreshing change for me. Its interesting how the days get longer and we work harder and longer. Weather is getting a little less cold and less rainy… And that is good for us as we work on clearing the land and preparing Calliste for the season. We make great progress everyday and the results are visually rewarding.

Will I get snap peas from this pot?

Will I get snap peas from this pot?

Around the cabin, we have seedlings going. Onions, corn, snap peas, cilantro … Maybe its premature to be growing a garden… as we are still busy cutting down trees and preparing to build a house. .. but I just cant resist getting a small farm going. Its part of my education, how to grow your own vegetables.

Onions have sprung

Onions have sprung

I am also learning and practicing composting organic waste to get good usable soil for my future golf course lawn and garden. Definitely need lots of rich soil.

My most successful composting container so far

My most successful composting container so far

We have a few resident birds… I am getting quite fond of 1 loud little bird in particular. It has taken over the stash of branches from the fallen trees and turned it into a birdie palace! This little guy can spend all day playing hide and seek with me, weaving thru the maze of twigs. It was really quite difficult to get a picture of him. I think its a him, and he is loud! Calling all females to join him in his palace!

Little Birdie sitting in the palace that I made for him.

Little Birdie sitting in the palace that I made for him.

I have a respect for trees and wood. They were here on this land before me, they survived the and now they are being taken down to make way for us. I feel a little bad about it, but there is a purpose in a trees’ life. It has provided heat from the earliest time of man and has provided shelter and has become paper and has become soil… etc. It is really important to me that I don’t take any tree for granted, so I must put it to good use or give it to be used, so that no part is wasted.

Separating the twigs from the branches

Separating the twigs from the branches

Twigs are on the left and branches on the right. Twigs goes to the Jefferson recycling for them to turn it into compost… and I have to pay them $0.025 for every pound of yard waste that I bring to them. … and I have to pay $1 for every pound of compost that I wanna buy. So, it makes sense to compost it myself on my own property, but I have more twigs than I can handle…. The larger part of the branches, after drying for a month or so, makes great kindling.

Firewood timber drying.

Firewood timber drying.

And I also have more firewood timber than I could burn in 10 years. Maybe I should split the wood and sell firewood… but its a lot of work and the $$$ is not worth the energy. .. I will probably give some away…

Most of the trees on my plot are Alders, a hardwood that is not too heavy and has many uses… including being a surface for smoking meat. Still it is not a tree that we prefer on our property due to its constant shedding of leaves and limbs … and its not attractive…. so its gotta go!

BTW, Alder burns great! IMO. I started burning a mix of Alder branches with Douglas Fir firewood that was purchased last year and it gives off a nice smell to the otherwise woody smoky smell. The scent is hard to describe….



2 Responses to “Days are getting longer…”

  1. 1 Peter Westall SHADOW
    May 14, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Love reading your posts. The pics are great and what you are doing is wonderful to watch from afar. Best wishes to you both

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    May 20, 2015 at 5:02 am

    Thanks for the encouragement to write. This blog is like my picture diary.
    Will we see you and Shadow in this area? Let us know if you are coming.

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