3 weeks into my new life

Before ....

Before ….

Its nothing short of work. Mostly we are cutting down Alder trees, making way for the drain fields. Trying to keep most of the Hemlock, Firs and Cedars… Maybe a few would have to go, but I hope not… I am not a fan of the Alders, but love the look of the majestic Cedars. Still some Cedars will have to go, making way for the building and driveway. Anyway, we are starting with the Alders.

After... Do I look like a lumberjack?

After… Do I look like a lumberjack?

1st down is a 35 year old Alder. We counted the rings at the trunk so we know how many years does it take to grow a good size Alder. This is not worth milling into timber… too many knots and not enuf diameter for a cheap wood, cause its not durable and only indoor use. Some do make cabinet knobs or cheap furniture… most people use for firewood, think I would too.

Processing the trunk and the branches.

Processing the trunk and the branches.

To be honest… I didn’t run the chainsaw … just posing like they do in Hollywood 🙂 …  Let the man do the macho work 🙂 … and I will run the lopper and clipper. IMO, gender equality is overrated.

Heaped branches makes a great bird nest. Some little birdie may have claimed it already.

Heaped branches makes a great bird nest. Some little birdie may have claimed it already.

For people who have no time, they will bring most of the branches to the dump, but hey, I have time, so I slowly trim down the branches to sticks, leaves and firewood. Starting composting pile of leaves and small twigs, drying out the sticks to be tinder and drying out the stem to be chopped up into firewood.

This I did on my own!

This I did on my own!

Feature wall made from 1 tree. Its a lot of work hauling the little stems from the downed site to my cabin’s back yard. 1st I tried the wheelbarrow, but it was more work than its worth. I found it less strenuous to roll the little stems 200ft, mostly downhill with a little bit challenge to get around the cabin. Took me a full day to do just that.


Got my onion patch going :)

Got my onion patch going 🙂

This area is where we expect least changes over the next 2 years. That’s when I can take it down for splitting. Seems like a waste to just burn it up, but as Doug says, Alders are really weeds, theres no value in them.

Spring is just around the corner and I see people are starting the planting season. I got bit by the green finger bug too. Using the stems from the tree that Doug chopped down few months ago to build my little farm. This is my onion patch 🙂

I bought too many seeds while at the store… problem with shopping, easily influenced by whats on the shelf. I only wanted to plant corn, end up buying 2 types of corn seeds, Chinese parsley, snap peas, black beans and onions… sigh… more work, hope the plants turn out good fruits to reward my labor.

In between clearing the forest, I be extending my farm. The simple life… feel like a pioneer… 🙂



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