Christmas getaway

Approaching Narita on a clear day. See Mt Fuji.

Approaching Narita on a clear day. See Mt Fuji.

I have been kept away from my new base camp way too long. All this time, I only get to see pictures of the development… now its time I go camping!

0400hrs 24th Dec, my journey starts from Singapore. This time I am flying ANA from SIN->NRT->SEATAC direct! A much shorter flying time and only 1 connection. … Yes, it cost more to fly on Christmas eve and return on New Years eve, but that’s all the time that I got. Sight of Mt Fuji on approach to Narita, that’s a bonus.

Airport meals, but here's one that do have a more street feel to it.

Airport meals, but here’s one that do have a more street feel to it.

1500hrs, arrived at Narita and have 2.5hrs to hang out. Having been good all year long, working hard and earning my keep, I decided that I deserve splurging on myself for the last week of the year! Here’s me and my 2000Y Chirasen. Was so pretty and tasted quite good… I had better downtown in Osaka, but this is closest to the best that I can get without checking into Japan..

Narita Chirasen

Narita Chirasen

0930hrs… its interesting how I traveled back in time to arrive SEATAC to find that it earlier in the day than when I took off from Narita. Hmmm…. how did that happen.. ? There is a new foreigner check in system.. and that was great, I cleared into the US in less than 15 mins! A great reason to always fly into SEATAC …. less aliens.

1200hrs… Doug was late… cos I thought my arrival was 1200hrs actually… 😛 . Next stop, IKEA! We need bed frame and stuff. Got it, then Target, didn’t fall in love with the beddings there… Bed n Bath, got a reasonably okay set but no duvet cover… too late for Macy’s.

Christmas day updates on FB. Nice sun but too cold to tan.

Christmas day updates on FB. Nice sun but too cold to tan.

2000hrs, finally arrive at Calliste… what a long 24th! Its late and we just wanna crash on board and not go to the cabin for the night.

Christmas day! Doug is up and cooking Turks. Time for me to unpack… and uh, update my FB… catch with games… went shopping for sides and vegs that would complete a Christmas Turkey meal… 1600hrs, have our dinner picnic packed, headed for the cabin. Its winter, and yep its cold. Took a while for the burner to heat up enuf. Meanwhile, assemble the bed and roll out the mattress and lay on the sheets! Yes, we camp in style and we eat extremely well 🙂 … burp!

New bed... not enuf shelve space for our stuff.

New bed… not enuf shelve space for our stuff.

Its around 40F at night, just a little chilly but we need that stove going. Doug made a LPG adapter so that it could burn either wood or gas or both. Certainly not a high efficiency model… guzzler at $6 per night… by my estimate. My 1st time playing with fire… 🙂 didn’t know there is so much to it than just putting in the logs.

Living space and future bathroom.

Living space and future bathroom.

On the other side of the cabin, we have the living space, kitchen and space for future bathroom that is not yet boxed in. Lots of inside work to do… Insulate the walls, add the plumbing to the flush toilet, dig the cesspool pit.

We Haul!

We Haul!

Boxing day… remembering 10 years ago today, Calliste was in the tangle at Langkawi… now, we are all here in Port Townsend, high, dry and safe. We are ready for new adventures in this new world! And starting with my 1st walkabout on my prop. Its muddy and wet, but so walkable now. Doug did much to clear out the dense growth, felled a couple of trees, build a cabin. .. me, I worked remotely …

Went shopping again, this time we got a U-Haul trailer to carry insulation, plywood and stuff from HD. Our own trailer is indisposed with the 200G water supply for the cabin. I did all the driving 🙂 .. actually driving in the US comes naturally to me. And I backed the trailer down from Elizabeth street to the cabin, got stuck at 40ft away from the bench… sigh… time for a workout…

Frozen dew on Fordie.

Frozen dew on Fordie.

We had 3 good nights at the cabin before a cold spell hit. Then we decided it will be too tedious to maintain heat overnight and we should stay on board to reduce freeze damage on Calliste anyway. … yes, the convenience of being on grid, no need tending the fire every hour during the night… logs burn out after an hour…

Taking in the sight while digging.. no hurry

Taking in the sight while digging.. no hurry

Altho we stayed on board, we go back during the day and do what we can with daylight… like digging the stump out from a tree that Doug cut down some time ago, and using that hole for the cesspool. Great idea! 2 of us, worked together for 3hrs and got the stump. This is just a little stump, and I have 30 big trees on the leech field and building site… Got our work cut out for sure.

Check out my "neigh"...bors..

Check out my “neigh”…bors..

And we are being watched… by “neigh”bors … hahaha… cant help it. This couple lives on the adjoining 1/2 acre.

So soon, my vacation is over… sigh.. that’s the reality of life… but it will not be long now… I be back!

31st Dec 1000hrs, at SEATAC. Yay! I been upgraded to Premium economy … better seats, better food and better booze! I am ready for New Year COUNTDOWN PARTY on board! … When is that taking place?

I can imagine Doug standing outside the cabin waving at me.

I can imagine Doug standing outside the cabin waving at me.

31st Dec 1220hrs, on flight back to SG, got a glimpse of PT from the plane. I can at least imagine that Doug is waving at me from some where down there.

New Years day! Some time during the flight we crossed the international dateline… nobody gives a damn…

1500hrs, arrived Narita. Its way too busy here. Too many people, overbooked flights and long queue at my sushi counter. No meal for me, but I have nuggets and bacon from Calliste to nibble on … 🙂 yes, I don’t care if I get sick… 1800hrs, flight to SG..

2nd Jan 0100hrs, arrive SG. 0200hrs, home. ZZZZZzzzz..






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