Mamacat is coming with me!

My 3 Whiskerteers hanging out in my old flat

My 3 Whiskerteers hanging out in my old flat

I haven’t posted for awhile, needed the time to get over the passing of Mamacat. Really did feel guilty about leaving my cats, Snooze, Smudge and Mamacat in SG while I went on extended travels.

Now that my last Whiskerteer has taken on a new form of life, it is now possible to bring her with me. Flying, sailing, road trips! She is coming with me!

Mamacat, my guess she born sometime in late 1999, had 2 kittens in Feb 2001 who unfortunately passed away. I saw her and her kittens in Mar 2001 when I and Snoozy move temporarily to aunt Jenny’s flat in Chai Chee. They were living in the network of gutters under the block. I did give water and some of Snoozy’s food to her.

From left, Mamacat, Smudge and Snooze always on the higher ground.

From left, Mamacat, Smudge and Snooze always on the higher ground.

After her 1st kittens died, she was roaming around on her own. Somehow, she figured out my routine. When I would come back from work, she would be at the lift waiting for me. Then she come with me up to the flat, but Snoozy did not approve… naturally… there was a fight, and I went to the A&E… was Snoozy’s bite. Well, so I left food and water outside the flat for her.

I missed seeing her for about a week. I kept looking, and when I did find her, she was really sick. I took her in and brought her to the vet. She recovered…. then her tummy seems to be growing…. uh oh… Aug 2001, Smudgey and brother was born… but unfortunately he only lived 2 weeks. Good thing there was a door separating the kitchen and the living area where Snoozy was, so no fights.

Dec 2001, we moved to my 1st apt. Initially, I had to put them together in a room… hoping that they would get along, while we work on renovating the outside areas. .. well, I had a 2nd trip to the A&E… sigh… but they did eventually learn to give each other space. Although they were never pals, they did not get into fights again after that.

My last picture of Mamacat. Same couch, new flat.

My last picture of Mamacat. Same couch, new flat.

Mama loved going outdoors for a walk. We had a routine, at about 10pm, I would let Mama out and she would decide to run up or down. I would follow her as she explore her surroundings. Our neighbors would see us walking and stop to chat. They all like her too, so well behaved and so attached to me. These are all fond memories.

Life changed for her when Doug moved in. We go out less… and I think she resent that…, but she did like Doug too, despite he being more of a disciplinarian than I am. Then we moved to our new flat in 2011. The 1st months was always difficult, as we live in parts of the flat and renovate the other parts.

Maybe it was the stress of the reno, the dust or noise or everything got to Smudge, he was suddenly sick and died overnight before I could bring him to the vet. Smudge (Aug 2001 to Mar 2012)… He was such a chubby cute thing that was playful and good natured. .. Unlike Snooze who was always insecure about something and erratic moods. For all of 2013, Snoozy showed signs of aging, she actually looked elderly, had arthritis… but she lived till 30 Apr 2014… I was away in the US, had to ask sister and friend Natasha to put her to sleep… she stopped eating and drinking for 1 week. Was getting weaker and everything, but shes a clinger and refuse to let go… she had to be euthanized while I was in Port Townsend, it was sad, she couldn’t wait for me to come back.

Of all my cats, I obviously loved Mamacat the most. It is my honor that she adopted me. I hate to see her go, but I think she didn’t have a reason to go on anymore after the other 2 died. Its like she’s tired and was ready for a new life… or maybe she knows that I am in the process of moving away to the US… yes, I was away a lot and had to get Ray and Natasha to come take care of her… maybe she knew that the way to follow me is to be small and packable into my luggage.

Okay, that’s that. Shes coming with me to the US and we are going to have many adventures!


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