We are on the move. Part 2

Although it might sound like a lot of work… I see it as a lot of fun too. What can be better than long distance recreational driving with a purpose! 🙂

We would have done this journey just for fun, and happily do this twice … Yeah sure, we knew already that we definitely have to do a 3rd, but thats okay too. We are saving quite a bit of money by doing it ourselves, an added incentive anyway.

The beginnings of our very own pod.

The beginnings of our very own pod.

According to our Google guru, the journey is 950mi each way and it thinks we will be able to complete in 14hrs … 🙂 Well, that is if no R & R stops… which in our case means Rest & Refueling. Plus, if we were not towing the trailer, then we wont be limited to the 55mph on all the highways, and we wont be needing more fueling stops.

On our 1st trip North, we gave the non-stop driving a go. Departing Monterey at 9pm, changing between drivers at gas stations or rest stops along I-5, arriving at Bayshore 6pm. There you have it, 21hrs epic journey. Obviously we didnt want to do that again.

Pod making done, starting to load up. That jointer top is 400lbs!

Pod making done, starting to load up. That jointer top is 400lbs!

Driving down to Monterey, we stopped for the night at Motel 6 in Tigard, OR. It was $54 for a bare essential night of rest. Was clean and good enough. No food and no internet, we dont prefer to stop there again. Next day, we drove off early, hoping to make it to Monterey before 9pm… Well, nope… only just made it by 11pm. I had to call ahead to make sure the front desk is open for us. Mostly, motel have 24hrs front desk. A desk clerk sleeps in the back room and jumps out when someone pushes the bell.

Yep, and now we can close up.

Yep, and now we can close up.

It was raining all the way on our 1st trip, things got wet, but wasnt a big deal…. but we think that we could load a lot more stuff if we made our own pod pull a tarp over it to keep things dry. On hindsight, this turned out really well. Definitely worth the effort and $160 worth of box materials that we purchased at Home Depot.

Things remaining for the next trip... trips..?

Things remaining for the next trip… trips..?

Took 1/2 day to build the pod, and 1/2 to load up the front. I did find the overloaded forward weighs down the tongue too much and affected my driving. We return the next morning to continue with more loading, and carefully balance the weight to the rear end. Ideally, the tongue should be around 300lbs. Thats the recommended for this class 2 hitch that we have.

Looking like a caravan.

Looking like a caravan.

We only managed to get away at 1600hrs, and we need a place for the night within 5hrs from Monterey, we decided to try Red Bluff… especially since all the hotels there were available at a amazing price of $40. It was 2300hrs when we got to American Best Inn at Red Bluff. Guess we forgot to factor in the gas stops and speed limits eh.

Sakura in Yreka

Sakura in Yreka

Surprisingly, for $40, the room was really more comfy than all the rooms we had stayed in so far. We start up the next day enjoying breakfast at a delightfully American diner across the street and driving away at 0900hrs. For sure, we’ll stop here again on our next trip.

Blossoming cherries

Blossoming cherries

We took a lunch break at Yreka. Check out the cherry blossoms in full bloom! Well, couldnt really spend alot of time enjoying it… cos it was blowing hard and definitely very cold.

Deer dressed in snow.

Deer dressed in snow.

It was an interesting afternoon for us driving up to the Shasta mountains. It was raining at 1st, then at 3500ft elevation, I thought the rain was kinda different… then I realize that it was sleet. Then 4000ft it was snowing. We stopped to take pictures 🙂 Doug has never experience snowing. Sure he seen snow, but never seen snow falling.

This is a serious amount of snow fall.

This is a serious amount of snow fall.

And I think we need a picture of a snow flake for our album, so we stopped at the side… not supposed to do that, guess Doug must be in some kind of mood to even suggest that eh. Rolled down the windows, got 2 good pics, and we off again.

A flake landed, and some floating in.

A flake landed, and some floating in.

We found that we like stopping at Pilot gas station in Central Point near Medford. It was easy to get off the highway and get back on again. And the station has great bathrooms, good coffee, shower rooms if you wished and fuel price that is cheapest in the area.

Rest of the aft, evening and night was just drudgery driving. Arriving at Bayshore just after midnight. Once again, Google guru was wrong.


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