What are our options?

We need a vehicle to begin adventure 2014, so what are our options?

  1. Buy a 12 year old truck for $10K.
  2. Buy a 5 to 8 year old Volkswagen Passat Wagon for $15K.
  3. Buy a brand new Volkswagen Jetta wagon for $28K.
  4. 4 year lease on brand new Volkswagen Jetta wagon for $15K.

After all the research that I try to do weeks before flying off to the USA, I was leaning towards option 4, or it could be option 2. .. we’ll see.

A Ford? Was not quite what I plan to get...

A Ford? Was not quite what I plan to get…

… On the day that we arrive, after checking into Hawthorne Plaza Inn, we set off immediately to Pacific Volkswagen showroom, and test drive the Jetta wagon. It felt really nice driving it over humps and everything was great… except the price was far from the price quote on the vw.com website… Instead of leasing at $15K, its more like $19K.

Yep, roof rails and X bars and trailer hitch all in.

Yep, roof rails and X bars and trailer hitch all in.

Then we went to Carmax in Breuno Park as I have on hold a 2007 Volkswagen Passat wagon. But when we got there, the car was not available and was already shipped out! Something was not right! Carmax reputation for being honest and no haggle!? It couldnt even live up to its website promise that I did have a appointment to view and 1st option to purchase that particular car that was held for me. So disappointed and frustrated with pre-arrival car shopping. You would think that they’ll get some things right, but it really never works.

Leather seats and ultra modern dash. This car has too much electronics... IMO

Leather seats and ultra modern dash. This car has too much electronics… IMO

Next day, we got off to early start at Downtown LA Volkswagen. Long financial chat with sales, got a better leasing price, but still it was going to be $16K++ . Then we drove off to check out other dealers… like Ford…

Surprisingly, sales team at Ford were more professional and honest than those at Volkswagen… I wonder why. They worked with us on finding the perfect car that met all our requirements (more than the Volkswagen would have), and sold us a 3 year lease on the top of the line Escape Titanium for $15K++. This includes the factory fitted roof rails, leather seats, tow package, moon roof…. everything we need, except that only the dark grey with charcoal interior was available to drive off on the day. Okie… so its just the exterior color that is not my prefer color… I think I can add enough decals to change the look 🙂

So finally, on the 2nd day in the USA, we drove a brand new leased Ford Escape Titanium away from the dealership that we didnt plan to visit at all. Fate is interesting… but maybe this will all work out … more conveniently and less pricey than the Volksy I was so set upon.

Fordie it is and here we go, driving off 500mi to Chandler… where I will meet up with colleagues for a week before beginning our adventure. Yep, I work so we can travel with a bit more comfort … and sometimes a bit more luxuriously….


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