New Years’ day ride on Singapore flyer

What is the Singapore flyer? Is it a plane? Nope, its the large ferries wheel in downtown Singapore… how misleading to call it a flyer when the passengers dont actually take off…

Does it really feel like flying over downtown SG? no....

Does it really feel like flying over downtown SG? no….

Well anyway, its time I start getting used to being local and tourist at the same time. Its oxymoron in the past, but more and more I find thats the case with Singapore. Being local means I can easily get there without needing directions, but other than that, its a new experience and paying the full $30 each for the tickets makes it feel touristy. Lets hope its worth it… many locals said it was not worth their discounted tickets and they wouldnt do it a 2nd time unless it were free…

Lots of tour operators here.

Lots of tour operators here.

But I am one who wouldnt take common opinion at face value, so I am willing to try… given the right circumstances. We dont like crowds and certainly would not like our capsule to be shared by too many people, especially kids. … yep, thats just us…

So I figured that most people, local and tourist both, would be hungover from partying after partying thru the New Year’s eve countdown. .. With that plan in mind, I booked our tickets online and got a 10% discount, well its better than not getting any.

Thats as high as we would go on this ride.

Thats as high as we would go on this ride.

We really like how convenient it is to be staying at Serangoon, right close to the MRT station running the Northeast and Circle lines. 0930hrs, we are on the Circle Line heading to Promenade Station. 1000hrs, we are here at the base. Spend some time browsing the displays before heading up to the flyer.

Foreground, new SG. Background, old SG.

Foreground, new SG. Background, old SG.

Once in every 10 minutes, a bus load of tourist would come in and it was loud! Doug had to put in the plugs… I am a little disappointed that the management spend any effort to use ways to manage sounds to enhance the experience… I mean, now that so much research has been done, it definitely is possible to mitigate the volume with creative use of space and floor and wall cladding materials. … but I guess they (like so many other SG building management) cheap out and let the squeals resonant thru the enclosed staging area.

The fake botanical gardens, new SG soil and the straits of SG.

The fake botanical gardens, new SG soil and the straits of SG.

We timed our entering the queue to perfection. Letting the bunch of tourist go ahead of us, then a large family gathering. We it was our turn to board the capsule, it was only us and a Japanese couple. Yep, I always like sharing spaces with Japanese people. Thru many decades of being forced into sharing spaces, they integrated consideration for others into their behaviors. Can you believe it, talking on the mobile phone while in a train is frowned upon in Japan?

Getting back to the base station... a man made rain forest awaits.

Getting back to the base station… a man made rain forest awaits.

1030hrs, really enjoying our 20 min in a quiet little capsule, taking in the views and snapping away. Between the 4 of us in this capsule, we have 3 cameras and 3 phones to take pictures with… being a modern tourist is all about gadgets 🙂 and links to FB or whatever webpage…

The $20 hawker meal for 2.

The $20 hawker meal for 2.

1130hrs, hungry! Well, there is a foodcourt at the base… most old days local food is available… at slightly elevated prices to cater to tourists 🙂 .. taste? okay lah… 🙂 Being local, I can name 10 other places where we’ll get much better tasting foods at greater value … but for today, I let it ride… especially since the hawker tried to take my order in Cantonese, Korean, French and finally English. … ? A multi lingual hawker must be worth more bucks eh.. 🙂

Walking in a bizarre area of bridges.

Walking in a bizarre area of bridges.

Now for a stroll back to Promenade MRT station… walking by my favorite new bridge, and seeing preparations for the next New Year celebrations is underway… as in the Chinese New Year is only a month away.

Some big plans for the CNY.

Some big plans for the CNY.


2 Responses to “New Years’ day ride on Singapore flyer”

  1. 1 Martin & Ivy
    March 19, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Hi Guys, sorry to see you pack up and leave, we’ve been avid readers of your blog and will continue following you on your adventures even once you depart our shores. Let us know if you need any help on your last days (we have a car) or if you have time to catch up for a coffee or beer. Singapore will miss you 🙂

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    March 20, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    Hello friends, thanks for the offer to help us with the moving. We’ve complete the SG moving part and are now in LA.

    Happy to know that you enjoy our blog and adventures. Hope our paths will cross and we could do something exciting. Let us know if you are headed this way. Cheers 🙂

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