Calliste made it!

From the time that she was unloaded from CGM La Scala, to the time that we 1st get to see her at yard of UMF transport services at Port of Seattle, was a awful 6 days of frantic phone calls and payments etc.

Calliste at the United Motor Freight . Fresh off the flat rack.

Calliste at the United Motor Freight . Fresh off the flat rack.

Calliste sat at the couriers storage holding area for 5 days, and us on pins and needles! Why! And we had to set a cheque of US$400, plus US$35 overnight courier on the last day before she was released. Apparently it was customs holding it and then our trucking guys from UMF couldnt get her out before the 3pm curfew for oversized loads. We did all we can to make this transition as smooth as possible, but still! Well, one can say that paying only $1350 customs broker fee and an unexpected $435 is good fortune actually. There had been stories of much more delays and heftier price to pay.

Calliste going over the Tacoma Narrows bridge...

Calliste going over the Tacoma Narrows bridge…

Anyhow, we were so happy to see her again, and no apparent damage whatsoever. For the next leg, we engaged Associated Yacht Transport to haul her to Baystore Storage… as theΒ  name suggest, they specialize in yacht transport, and they are expensive, but they claim to be able to put her down from their specially designed custom trailer for yachts.

Calliste and truck that moved her to Bayshore Storage.

Calliste and truck that moved her to Bayshore Storage.

We like how their nice and shiny their truck looks. We would never know the problems we’ll run into later… yep, letting on that all is not easy until she is set on firm ground, but what a story. πŸ™‚ … sigh…

On our way, we tailed the truck and got this picture of Calliste going over the Tacoma Narrows bridge… hee hee hee, how many boats go over the bridge? In the US, it seems very common, almost every day.

The amazing things we do to rental cars

The amazing things we do to rental cars

It was a uneventful 2hr journey with one snack stop at a gas station. Got a nice sandwich to tide me over. No telling how much longer this is going to take. Was a good thing that we got the snack, cos the guys were unable to get it off the trailer. Something about the cradle being in the way and flexing when the hydraulics tried to lift. .. We’ll have to wait for the yard owner, Sam to come operate the travel lift to get it off. And so I had to talk to the AYT dispatch that they could not do the job and they agreed to charge what the UMF quote was. From $1400, we paid $900, and they had to leave the trailer until Sam was able to come and get it off the next day.

… well, at least she made it there …

Next day, we went to Home Depot at Sequin to get this 12ft ladder… needed it to be able to board the boat when after she is unloaded. Yep, we drove 30 miles hauling this ladder… as you see it. πŸ™‚ . We are very good at converting Ford cars into Ford trucks … πŸ˜› … And we never left any evidence that those rental co can come after us.

Freshly in place, travel lift left over her as it was stuck in mud.

Freshly in place, travel lift left over her as it was stuck in mud.

Anyway, by the time we got there, it was almost noon, and we found Calliste is detached from the trailer! Hooray! See thats the empty trailer, and Calliste is tucked in her spot a little further down.

We couldnt wait to get inside, actually a little apprehensive of how things may be thrown around. Doug is amazed, nothing moved! Not a single little bit of damage inside, everything remained as it was when we left it. Therefore, the results are in, everything we did to prepare her for this journey worked! So pleased πŸ™‚ CallisteStorage (8)

In the following 5 weekends, we set out to prepare her for winter. It took some time to take things out of those crates and move them into the 40ft storage container that we also rented from Bayshore. Its cheap and convenient! Doug is very pleased. So it seems, everything is on the up as soon as Calliste is back on ground. CallisteStorage (3)

We decked out the container with LED lighting, mounted on recycled wood from our crates. Bought new industrial duty metal shelves, saw horses, hook up electrics… we did quite a bit to get settled in.

The triumphant dance!

The triumphant dance!

Couldnt resist showing this picture of Doug and how he moved the mast into storage πŸ™‚ . He is so happy that he even did a little dance on the way over.

Calliste at Bayshore.

Calliste at Bayshore.

We had a good mild Autumn that is not typical of Washington state. Blue skies and sunlight instead of the cold and dreary days that everyone was telling us about.

I think Calliste likes her spot, Doug is so happy with the outcome, thats all that matters to me. Nevermind that we did spend US$27,000 (total) to ship her, and US$8000 for our hotel, cars and food for being there 75 days. I am putting out these figures so that anyone considering to ship their boats can use these as a reference.


2 Responses to “Calliste made it!”

  1. 1 Peter Westall
    January 13, 2014 at 1:25 am

    THAT is wonderful news. Congratulations.

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    January 13, 2014 at 1:36 am

    Actually she made it quite a while ago… just that I didnt have time to update my blog. I pressed the publish button before I could complete this posting … πŸ™‚ pictures are coming up next.

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