Transit Osaka to Seattle

Now that we are separated from Calliste, we are kinda transformed from cruisers to become a couple of old backpackers… Both of us have to lug a large trolley bag, a small backpack and laptop each, around the ups and down, getting in and out of escalators, elevators, trains and buses… a whole connection of modern day contraptions that we have to navigate thru, to get to our 1st checkpoint, the airport at Narita.

Am trying to organize my thoughts (and journey) here by listing each of the conveyance systems that we used between our Shin-Osaka hotel to our boarding gate at Narita… its quite mind blowing actually, try to follow, if you can 🙂

1000hrs, getting out of our 7th level room, into the elevator, exit into lobby. Noby was there to collect the last little payment, we chat a little bit and caught a ride with him to the train station. It would have been a 10 mins walk, struggling with our luggage otherwise.

1030hrs, at train station, took elevator up to 2nd level, follow the crowd to the ticketing office. Purchased 2 Shinkansen tickets bound Tokyo for US$250… or was it US$280..? Cant remember… tried to find the correct platform… asked some guy in train station uniform, okay, platform 24. Found elevator for platform 24, got in from the ticketing level, got out at Shinkansen platform level. In Japan, all train stations are very complicated, as it integrates a few bus lines, subways, railways and high speed railways…

1100hrs, we missed the 1st departing Shinkansen, because we couldnt figure out which cabin to board. But the ticket is open and so no problem, we just board the next one… giving us a chance to grab a sandwich and drink from one of those convenience shoppes right there on the platform. And yes, a little pattern matching knowledge helped me decipher the correct boarding area for us, the non-reserved ticket holders.

1115hrs, we are seated in Shinkansen bound Tokyo… phew. Now we can relax for 2hrs. Somehow, when we have so much to lug around, we are in no mood to pull out the camera for any pictures at all… so this is a really dry pictureless post.

1330hrs, unloaded ourselves and bags from the train, took the elevator down to lobby. Now to navigate the world famous Tokyo JR hub.. found the exit, got out onto the streets of Tokyo, looking for the 1000yen bus ride to Narita and have no idea where is the bus stop… okay, so I ask, 1st man direct us to cross the street, found something that look like a bus stop, operator try to get us to board the 3000yen bus… but no no no, we looking for the 1000yen… he was nice enough to direct us to cross another street and turn right, viola! Got in line for the 1000 yen bus ride… what a bargain! 🙂 okay, dun ask me how or where…

1445hrs, comfy and uneventful 45 mins ride  to Narita. 1630hrs, checked in to Singapore Airlines bound LAX. Now we can really relax and have our last good Japanese meal at the airport meal before entering the transit area where choices are limited and way more expensive.

1930hrs, cleared exit immigration and customs. 2000hrs, comfortably seated on the upper deck of 787. 2 of us in the middle aisle seat on the last row. Lots of room, love it… and now to enjoy all that great movie selection for 11 hours. 🙂

Arrived LAX on the same day …? 1500hrs. Feels like time wound backwards … Cleared US immigration, got bags, cleared customs, dump check in bags into the next flight collection area, walk from Tom Bradley to Terminal 7. Only 5 mins walk and we are not carrying much anyway.

1730hrs, on board Alaskan airlines bound Sea Tac. Not much service on this flight. Self entertain with iP4d. 2000hrs, landed, collect bags. Hop onto rental cars shuttle, got car. 2030hrs, pick a SUV, pull out our trusty old Nuvi and off we go.

2100hrs, finally, we arrived at Cedars’ Inn Auburn… wouldn’t recommend this place… but we’ll find something else soon…  2200hrs, we collapse into bed… it was literally a very long day! … I lost track of how many elevators, escalators, travelators, man made caverns and tunnels we been on in this whole journey! Shucks.


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