Hanging out in Osaka Hokko!

We tied up at the Osaka Hokko yacht harbour at 9pm on a Tuesday night. Lots of yacht here, but nobody around. Wednesday is a off day for the marina office, so again nobody around, just us.

The reason why we were there, was that we needed to prepare for shipping, best we can at a cheap marina (free is better), before we go over to Shin Nishinomiya YH. It turned out that we had a whole week free berth! Amazing! And including electric and water! Unbelievable!

Take a picture of the bus sched.

Take a picture of the bus sched.

… altho, maybe this marina is not located in a desirable location… surrounded by heavy industries, sanitary works and trash processing yard. .. Sometimes we get a smell, mostly we get rained out and it was so rolly that Doug rigged the roll-control! Inside a marina, can ya imagine! Well, the obvious draw is that its free, whereas Shin Nishinomiya YH is US$90/night for our 9m length. Yup, we’ll put up with a lot more, so that we pay as little rip off days as possible.

Osaka JR... the maze...

Osaka JR… the maze…

Unfortunately though, we didn’t have good weather for drying out our sails. It rained heavily on and off, and drizzle more than 50% of the time. Just as well, we caught up on rest, did some sightseeing, eat lots of exotic Japanese food.  Soon we be missing the authentic Japanese food …

Osaka (3)

Train schedules … er… help?

There is a pretty good bus service, 5 mins walk from the marina, that would bring us out to Osaka city. If we just needed groceries, there are good supermarkets in about 20mins bus ride. Bus ride is a flat rate US$2 per adult. Not cheap for a short distance, but its cheap if you ride all the way into Osaka.

Trying to catch a train to a tourist site? … unless you read Japanese… otherwise good luck. So its decided, I am not venturing further than where bus 53 goes 🙂

Yummy! Raw tuna, scallops, octopus... rice...

Yummy! Raw tuna, scallops, octopus… rice…

Doug is anti-social… so Lang has to do city exploring on her own. Which is okay, I get to walk and be distracted by all the fancy merchandise and eat all the raw stuff.. 🙂 Ha! And treat myself to good take out dinner! .. Like this cooked Hokaido crab that I bought from Isetan!

Not forgetting the work we have to do here… are we 🙂 For packing up precious stuff like our varnished Sitka spruce bowsprit, mast and bits, stainless bits and stuff, we needed to get big roll of good quality bubble wrap, cheap carpets, wrapping cellophane, tape etc… I Googled found a good DIY store to get them, that was a bus ride and 20 mins walk away. The stuff that we needed was rather inexpensively, but the cab fare back was expensive, US$26 to ride from the store, carrying our $80 purchases, and us…

Drying sails in overcast skies is never fun...

Drying sails in overcast skies is never fun…

We were really thankful for the space to work with and all the amenities at Osaka Hokko YH. Definitely needed the electric for AC and all the nice things to have in life, plus convenient source of water for all the cleaning that we have to do. We had the pontoon to ourselves, so we could stretch out our sails and stuff that needs cleaning or wrapping. Doug took this chance to clean out the over flooded holding tank! Yucks! Nope, it was not the serious blackwater, just that a crack in some valve that led to liquids getting into the holding tank and flooded the fore peak area. Lots of stuff to clean… Doug braved the elements and Lang was strangely missing from the scene… 🙂

.. Somebody got to tend to the sails … 🙂  … and wrapping ..

Do we still have a bowsprit on?

Do we still have a bowsprit on? Guess not…

We were advised to remove the bowsprit and do whatever we can to prepare for removing the rig, as we are expected to spend only 5 days at Shin Nishinomiya YH. We were successful to remove the head stay (leaving the staysail stay to hold the weakened rig), and the bowsprit, right there on the pontoon. Some struggle to push the swollen bowsprit out, but we did do, just by the 2 of us.

Time pass quickly when we have so much to do. We made good progress in the 7 free berthing days at Osaka Hokko, despite the lousy weather… Next to the really hard work waiting for us at Shin Nishinomiya YH.


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