3 days in Jeju

We are not like any other tourist visiting Jeju… Most of my time is spent on working on the internet, and Doug is busy preparing Calliste for the next leg. Refilling fuel, water tanks, some maintenance, etc.

… and for us sailors visiting a new port, we dont have our own transport, so we rely on whats available, choosing the cheapest if possible. As most marinas are, Gim Yeong is quite out in the sticks. No groceries and no food within walking distance. Bus stop is not far away, but communicating with the drivers is always more difficult than necessary. .. but buses are quite cheap actually, 1500Won each. Not sure if thats the real price, but it seems to be what the drivers always ask for… but hey, its US$1.50 for a seemingly long distance, who wants to argue about that right?

That's a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

That’s a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Cab fare from Jeju city to Gim Yeong is around 17500Won, which again, is not bad … unless you meet a greedy cab driver that takes you for a ride… that happened to us in our 1st cab ride. Tough luck, we are foreigners and easy targets.

So anyway, we are in Jeju, and we must at least do something touristy for a few hours… I decided that I am going to visit the UNESCO heritage site that we 1st saw coming into Jeju. Of course I didn’t know what it was until we are here and theres lots of brochure information about it. .. and lucky us, its a convenient bus ride away and a bit of a walk.

Tour buses galore at Song San

Tour buses galore at Song San

Its summer and that means the sun is up at 0500hrs. We hit the roads at 0645hrs, later than the 0600hrs that we wanted to… I was hoping to be back by 1000hrs and login to work, so lets see if I can make it or not. We got on the bus about 0710hrs and arrive at the village 0750hrs. That’s not bad, in time to get a breakfast from the convenience store… Its nice that convenience stores has some tables for customers to eat in. Unlike stores in Japan where there is a great selection of foods, but no place to eat.

Low tide exposing mossy rocks

Low tide exposing mossy rocks

0830hrs, we are on the walk from the village to Song San. We don’t have good walking directions, just roughly walking in the direction of the very visible outcrop and once in a while see a sign board pointing us to the right path. .. Look out for tourist buses, they are the best indication to where the attractions are. 🙂

As we were walking, the temperature rose above 30 deg C… we dun feel like walking anymore and wanna head back quickly to hide in the A/C of the marina office, but we have to at least walk to the bus stop… We were resting a some shed when a tour bus unloaded bunch of Chinese tourist who promptly headed out to the beach… I wonder whats so interesting beyond the shed… so I followed them out… and lucky me, it was a nice view of Song San and the beach leading to it. I am glad I didn’t miss this view and the picture turned out great. I had to wait till the tourist left before I could get a clear shot… they were all over the place and picking up hermits… damn Chinese tourist, they dun have the eco mindedness of leaving things alone… and me… I picked 3 black rocks to remember this visit… Hope that’s acceptable…

Bunch of tentacles... octopi ....

Bunch of tentacles… octopi ….

I had to leave Doug to rest at the bus stop while I was around the corner to get a glimpse of the entrance to Song San… we should be really close and I just wanted to know that we did get there at the very least. Walking from the beach to the entrance, I pass many seafood restaurants… and poor creatures that will soon be served to the visitors to Song San…

Poor man abalone...

Poor man abalone…

And these are some sort of conch…. I would like to try, but that’s just me, seafood junkie… Doug wouldn’t approve…

I am here! At Song San.

I am here! At Song San.

Just a few more steps and viola, here I am, at the entrance… I made my point, got my evidence that I have been to the UNESCO world heritage site of Song San while at Jeju. .. Feeling accomplished … heading back.

BTW, this is a aerial picture that somebody took by flying over. This is not what we laymen will see by walking there or hiking into the crater… So while I think there might be some value to go hiking up the hill, I am not doing this is summer… Maybe another time or maybe never… doesn’t bother me .

Was 1030hrs when we got back … so I was late for work, well, I’ll make up for it later…


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