1 great Korean dinner…

We never tried Korean food and were not sure what to eat in Jeju. The meals that we did order ourselves and ate were really quite horrible… maybe because we didn’t know what to order … and the menu was in Korean of course…

We had only 1 great Korean meal while in Jeju and it was definitely a memorable one… thanks to Mr Heo who brought us out to this barbeque dinner place.

Stainless steel table and barbeque stove in the middle.

Stainless steel table and barbeque stove in the middle.

The setup was interesting, it was like a military outdoor cooking theme. Staff were dressed in camouflage and the dining was in a green tent. A barbeque stove was in the middle of each table and a cook tends the burning meat, running between 3 tables at intervals when the meat is being roasted. Our very friendly cook would not pose while cooking, but wanted a picture with Doug… I dun understand why… ???

Doug and the barbeque chef.

Doug and the barbeque chef.

The other thing that we dun understand is why so many small dishes…? Is this some kind of tradition? The table started out empty and filled up within minutes of us sitting down. According to Mr Heo, the side dishes are free, we only pay for the main course… … uh, okay, another new concept here….

Full house dinner table for 4 pax....

Full house dinner table for 4 pax….

It seems to be raw pork being brought out of the kitchen in slabs. I dun think its marinated at all… anyway, the cook place it on the grill and as it cooks, uses scissors to cut it up. 3 cuts after the 1st few minutes, another cut after another few minutes … and so on, until the meat is divided into bite size. After the right amount of searing, the meat is moved to the edge of the grill where it will continue to roast over low heat, but its ready to eat if you like, or wait for it gain more roast flavour… yum… I like it more roasted..

2 main cuts of meat that are served, lean or fat. … lean is really lean and fat is nothing but fat… of course it is nice… and very sinful…. sure we would love to do this again…. but not this visit I guess…


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