Touristy things in Okinawa.

Most touristy street in Okinawa

Most touristy street in Okinawa

I think that yachties aren’t usually touristy kinda people in general. Only occasionally I might go to places that are frequented by more foreigners than locals. Mostly because its boring to do touristy things alone and I could never get Doug interested to go with me. So with Monique visiting us at Okinawa, I jumped at the chance to go stroll down Kokusai Dory, the most touristy street in Naha.

Old shophouses with new purpose in existance.

Old shophouses with new purpose in existance.

This would be my first time getting into Naha, the main city on Okinawa island. If not for Monique, I would have no reason to visit Naha, a US$4.50, 30 mins bus ride… well anyway, for a change of scenery and maybe discover some really good food.

Walk down ... almost crawl in doorway into noodle shop.

Walk down … almost crawl in doorway into noodle shop.

Most developed cities have a original town… the one that was first built and rebuilt until it could not hold any more new buildings, then a new town is built nearby and developed into bigger and more functional business district. .. thats when the town old is left to rot or if there is enuf money or sentimental value, it could be preserved. This form of touristy preservation of old towns are same in Europe, Singapore … etc. It is more interesting than the 10 mega modern malls that are everywhere… for a change.

How to order? Just try one of these...

How to order? Just try one of these…

We decided that we should try something very traditional Japanese, like eating at those little food shops by the roadside. These are not restaurants, but cozy little kitchen with counters for people to grab a quick meal. This kind of shops have no picture menu or fake food display… they are absolutely as traditional Japanese as you can get… stepping into one of these little shops is definately a great way to immerse oneself deeply into the Japanese culture. Certainly the cook and the waitress are not expecting any foreigners to step in there, so dont expect them to speak any English.  

My 300 yen noodles, with 2 pieces sliced pork from Moniques 500 yen bowl.

My 300 yen noodles, with 2 pieces sliced pork from Moniques 500 yen bowl.

It took some guts for us to pick out something from one of the 6 plaques. These are food that are served in here. So I choose the 300y thing and Monique choose the 500y… we’ll see what it is when its served… fingers crossed.

Continuing tradition with drum and dance performances.

Continuing tradition with drum and dance performances.

So it seems everything in this shop is a noodle. We kinda figured out that the plain noodle in broth is 100y, with additional fishcakes at 300y, add 200y for additional pork… wonder what is 600y and 700y… I thought it was very nice, I ate it all very quickly.

Here we are, not so hungry anymore, checking out the souveniers and street performances. The Kokusai Dory street is closed to traffic every Sunday in the afternoon, allowing performers to play out on the street.

waiting our turn...

waiting our turn…

Lining the Kokusai dory and its side streets were shops selling gifts, toys, “I been to Okinawa” T-shirts, soveneirs and foods… I have no desire to buy anything to clutter up my life, but was happy to look. And yes… fooddddD!!!

Ah.... Sushi coming up!

Ah…. Sushi coming up!

We kept an eye out for conveyor belt sushi … and we thot this was the land of conveyor belt sushi, but we could not find any.. and was almost going to give up… and then, at the last building along Kokusai Dory was a little mall that we were going to refresh ourselves…. and VIOLA! Finally a conveyor belt sushi! It  turned out to be a great sushi place inside a 4 star hotel! Very well made and presented! Monique was really impressed.. and the price for a small mid day snack was $US10! So surprisingly inexpensive! Yup! That was a great way to end our very interesting sightseeing day in town.


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