Settling into life at Ginowan Marina.

After getting the paperwork done with the marina and the customs (yes, even tho we were already checked in at Ishigaki, coast guard and customs wants to know when we arrive at Ginowan), then it time to make ourselves comfy in our new location.

Doug at his favorite food stand in Japan.

Doug at his favorite food stand in Japan.

1st off, discover our grocers and food stores within our walking range. This marina is really located in a convenient place. There is a mall just across the street, has a food court, restaurants and high-end grocery store… and just behind the mall is another grocery store with more reasonable prices… I like the store at the back, Doug likes the high end groc store… so it works for both of us anyway. And Mark on SV Restless tells us about the Taco stand at the corner behind the mall and that got Doug all excited about food… think he gets 10 Tacos a week…

Its late May and its horribly HUMID! Altho its was cool for the week that we arrived, I know that it was going to get really hot very soon as we get into summer months. So we definately have to get the dehumidifier and the aircon going, ASAP.

Our well used page for directions to the hardware store and DIY store.

Our well used page for directions to the hardware store and DIY store.

The marina staff are really helpful to the foreign yachties that do occasionally come into this marina, in the way that they are prepared with information on anything that the cruisers might need. For example, wheres the post office, wheres the ATM that will accept my foreign VISA card, wheres the hardware store, wheres the chandlery… etc. They hand out  map of the area, gives you personalized walking directions to nearby amenities and printed pages of these yachtyspecialty places with addresses and phone numbers. Something handy for us who are not into the language to show these papers to the cabbies or bus drivers.

Cabs are the most convenient choice of course, and yes they do cost quite a bit. Generally, buses are 1/3 the price of cabs for short distance, but 1/5 the price for longer distance. So if we are a party of 3 or 4, we should just take the cab..  

So off we go in search of the 110V AC and dehumidifier and even a vacumn cleaner… we could get cabs quite easily from opposite the marina… so we got one and showed him the page that the marina prepared for us… viola, we are there in 10 mins and 680y (US$7.50) … That seem really quite expensive for such a short ride.

Thats our aircon sitting just aft of the hatch. Its a no fuss way of installation :)

Thats our aircon sitting just aft of the hatch. Its a no fuss way of installation 🙂

The hardware store and DIY store are just across from each other. We went into the hardware store 1st. It was amazing… full of stuff and staff ready to help (altho not speak much English). We could alway get stuff from the hardware store… that is we almost never leave the store without getting anything… in this case, we got bunch of new Japanese plugs for our old appliances that runs on 110V or 230V… like the computers and phone chargers. … and among other things, like a single no.10 sprocket. We could have gotten some real neat blades and handsaws to giveaway as gifts, they look so good and would be a great ornament in any garage 🙂

The DIY store is not quite the home depot… maybe a quarter like Home Depot and 3 quarters like Cosco. There a little electrical appliances section that had a small cheapo vacumn, dehumidifier and AC… And the price is 1/3 that of the same stuff but a brandname equipment in Singapore… but who compares brandnames of such things in a foreign country? So long as it works… and work it did right away, and surprising better than we expected.

And now, we are definately hooked up and comfy… Phew!

BTW, the blue hull sailboat that we saw at the Zamami islands was Rah3. It came in a day after we did. We’ve seen Rah3 in many places in Malaysia. It was in Puteri, when we visited Dr Peter on Eastwinds and Tioman when we sailed her there last year. Kaneda-san was also part of Dr Peter’s birthday party at Tioman then… so they are back to Japan. And fancy seeing them out there… so unexpected, and so interesting… we exchange stories about that day that our boats where out there in sight of each other and wondering what each other would do in those heavy seas conditions… Fate is weird…


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