Its time to head back.

Time flies… Calliste has been in Tioman for 10 weeks now.. not quite so much of me in Tioman, just as much as my work will allow me time off, but it was good and we both enjoyed it very much…

Citilink bus at JB customs

We had 1 of our 3 batteries gone bad on us. Its a 3year old made in Malaysia Yuasa 75D31R lead acid maintenance free battery. Any battery lasting a respectable 3 years is definately a good battery… we have less confidence in the other 2 made in Thailand batteries, there are some signs… that its not charging up… well, so we need at least 1 new battery to get back safely. Thats my mission, bring a new battery over to Doug in Tioman and then head out on Calliste.

New bus, bright and cheery and not so many people on board

5th Jul ’12 0830hrs: On MRT heading towards Kranji, change over to bus 170 towards Causeway. 0920hrs: Cleared SG customs, got on Causeway link towards Larkin, bought ticket from driver at S$1.70. 0930hrs, got off bus, cleared JB customs, got back on bus and flashing the ticket that I bought earlier, its good till Larkin. .. Just my very good luck, I got onto a very new bus and apparently I got the timing right so it was a very comfy ride to Larkin.

I never travel light… do I?

0950hrs: At Larkin, checking for buses to Kota Tinggi. There is a car battery shop in KT that we are very familiar with, thats where the last good battery came from. Bus to KT leaves at 1100hrs and only 4RM. What a unbelieveable price… That leaves me an hour to wonder around Larkin… get snack and drinks…

1110hrs: Bus leaves. 1200hrs: Bus arrives at KT. Its a short walk from the bus and cab terminal to Lau Brothers car tyre and battery shop. 1245hrs, battery loaded onto my little trolley and back to terminal. Next bus to KT at 1400hrs, so decided to get a cab at RM80. Was worry about being kidnapped, but seeing the cabbies and the police checking on them at the terminal… I think I wont be the one to disappear without a trace, and besides I broadcast the license plate to Doug and friends before getting in.

1400hrs: Taking a cab turn out to be a great decision. Made it at Mersing in time for lunch and the 1500hrs ferry. Phew! Seas are just abit unsettled and we bump along. 1700hrs, arrive at Tekek ferry terminal… Doug is waiting for me.. so far, everything turned out better than planned.

Passing one of Sibu’s kelong resort

6th July 0900hrs: Went up to do the paperwork and payment to the marina for 10wks berthing and utilities… then customs and immigration… then ordering a big load of booze.. and provisioning for the trip back.. Then back to prepare Calliste for the trip. Take down awnings, secure stuff on deck and below in the cabin, leaving the aircon on till the last.

The weather this past 2 months werent that great, but we left at the best possible time. Normally, we would have chosen to stay in port for a week, waiting for better weather, but this was not an option this time… and its nothing Calliste cant handle, so here we go.

Mid way stop at Sibu…

7th July 0100hrs: We are underway… have a nice moon over us, so its not so much of a dark night out.. As soon as we get outside the lee of Tioman, we were bumped about quite abit.

There was hardly any flat glossy seas and we never had the tide running with us. It was rugged, rolly and slow… This time, we choose a closer to the main land route which reduces the swells quite abit, but still not too comfy.

Going into the lagoon at the small Sibu island

For the past few days, we note that a rainstorm comes around in the late afternoon. We are quite anxious for a hiddy hole to rest and wait out the storm. So since we havent been to Sibu islands but have heard quite abit about it .. and the Google map shows a enticing little breakwater lagoon on the smaller Sibu island.. we decided to give it a try.

Breakwater at Sibu, watch out for the rocks in the discoloured patch of water.

1100hrs: Motoring along the west coast of Sibu island and coming up close to the kelong resorts… Its always nice to have something to gawk at.. 🙂 .. while we keep eyes on the depth sounder. According to our iNavx charts, we be going thru patches of 3m and some rocks… so we want to be really careful around here.

1200hrs: We have successfully navigated the shallows, just passing thru the breakwater now.. There is a submerged spot on the breakwater that we have to watch for…

Flat calm in the Sibu lagoon

1215hrs: There are bouys available to tie up if we want to, but Doug likes to use the anchor and be further out from the pier. That was a good decision, cos there was some team building event at the resort and that was loud.

So we are here and resting.. I manage to read quite abit of a book.. not so tired in the midday. We really like this spot, it was flat calm and naturally cool by the breeze going thru. As expected, the 1hr storm made it at around 1400hrs and we were all nice and cozy in the lagoon.

1945hrs: Just before it gets too dark, we are underway again and following our coming in tracks very closely. Its now low tide and the depths got down to a heart beat stopping 2.4m.. We get grounded at 1.8m, so thats too close to comfort… but we made it.

Its a very dark night out, and its hard to be out at sea when its so pitched black. Somehow, morales are affected. Moon rise about 0100hrs and made the remaining of the night friendlier..

Thats me captaining in Singapore port limit.

7th Jul 0800hrs: A whole night of struggle against the currents.. sigh.. we are now at North Rocks… Just 2hrs later than I thought we would be .. but we have plenty of daylight to see our way thru these treacherous waters.. and yes, we are following our previous tracks on the GPS diligently. This is the most boisterous we have seen around here. I think theres 2 currents around here and the wind is blowing quite abit, making a really confused sea. Well, nothing Calliste cant handle… infact, Eleanor would have done well too. I am beginning to wonder about the rumors that we hear about this area…

1200hrs: Now entering the Singapore port waters and my phone is working again. Called Keppel to let them know we are coming, ETA 1800hrs. SMS a bunch of people… 🙂 Chat abit with some others.. 🙂

17oohrs: As expected, we are at Western Anchorage immigration. As planned, we are docked at 1805hrs… now to re setup Calliste for life at the docks.. 🙂


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