A visiting friend at Tioman

Monique is visiting us at Tioman and staying only 2 nights. Too short I think, but thats all the time she has, so make the best of it. .. besides our little boat is a bit crowded for 3 ..

Day of arrival by flight from SG, walk to Calliste and hide away in the AC comfort. The heat was unbearable… Crawl out from the hole just before sunset, temperature is just right and got to watch the beautiful sunset. Walk to the Village for dinner at the Malay restaurant that is next to the Chinese. Will try the Chinese restaurant the next day.. Food was okay, but reasonable prices.

At Nazri’s place on ABC beach. Notice the hunk?

Next day, before dawn, we walked up North to breakfast at the little corner shop. We been there before and we like the people there. Friendly and honest, not at all touristy like the place we had dinner. I turn back to Calliste to “work from home” while Doug and Monique go play at the Marine park. Well… thats life, I still have to work…

After the conference call, did a 30min fast walk to the Marine park. Got them and walk over the little hill to ABC for lunch. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a fabulous break for all three of us. I got a pretty good meal, she got her eyes on the hunk and Doug got his fill of girls in bikini… a little something for each of us.. 🙂

Us, lounging at Berjaya beachbar

Then its the long walk back to Calliste and we just couldnt wait to jump right into AC and snooze away. Those 2 are worn out by the snorkelling around the marine park already. 

Dinner at the Chinese restaurant as planned… and guess what, these people tried to con us! We challenge their bill of RM$99, like I did the maths and it just didnt add up right. They ran the calculator, which did a good job to prove that I have more brains than them add together… tsk tsk… lousy tricks get them nowhere. Word is out, these guys are looking for bimbos and suckers.

The “Berjaya Rock”.. thats what we call it.

Next stop, drinks at Berjaya! Only place in Tioman to have live Philipino band and drinks were great. Quite expensive tho, but hey, we are on vacation right. We had a good night out afterall.. 🙂 .. we barely crawl our way back to Calliste..

Part of Berjaya resorts. Looks nice.

Then its another early morning out for me and Monique. Doug is too pooped to join us this time. We head out towards Berjaya to see it by day. Turned out pretty good too..

Berjaya beach, golden sand, black sand and dead coral bits

The Berjaya resorts is the biggest resort on Tioman and most well kept around here. Monique is impressed enuf, so next time shes here, this is where she’ll be staying… 🙂 Phew! we can all relax now..

I prefer to hang out by the pool…

… altho we would like the sand to be whiter… but the pool overlooking the edge into the sea is just beautiful. Great feel! I like it.

I think our friend really did enjoy herself…

She prefer to soak…

1050hrs… we are still at Berjaya and shes is draggin her feet.. and now to rush her back to get on the 1230hrs flight back to SG. .. double quick step back to Calliste and scoot! Off to airport, made it just in time to check in.. at 1150hrs… cutting it close!

Thats her, the last passenger boarding…

Finally shes off, and we are to ourselves again… phew.. now we can relax and enjoy at our pace…

ABC shaved ice and spring rolls

How about a nice shaved ice ABC concoction and fried spring rolls… 🙂 … yum… and brr… cold… 🙂

We highly recommend the Riverside cafe thats just a dozen steps away from the airport.. Open for late breakfast till about 6.. slow service, but the view is great and the ice is really cold… just what we need, as its usually very hot at Tioman…


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