Whats at Northwest side of Tioman? Part 1

Map of NW Tioman and our kayaking route

To us yachties at the Tioman Marina on the west side of Tioman, there is a walk up North and there is a walk down South. This year, I want to explore as far out away from the marina as possible and to do so by walking or by kayaking.

Last year, we went with Terry and Ana, walking cross country to Paya village.. but we couldnt make it back on foot… we got a ride on the water taxi back. Last month, I walked over the mountain to Juara on the East side…. and I couldnt make it back either.. Did I bite off more than I could chew… 🙂 well.. okay, lets try the easier walk north. Its mostly paved from the marina up to the Marine Park and only a small hill to climb over to ABC beach that is a concreted trail.

Low tide on ABC beach, looking over at the last resort in this bay


0645hrs, we are off, on foot…. to see how far we could go on foot, before it gets to daunting… we know already that a trail leads all the way to Salang, but some of it maybe to much jungle for me… or it may be too much uphill for Doug.. so we’ll see.

0725hrs, we are just passing the Marine Park pier now. Up to this point, its all a walk on the beach front paved pathway which is used by walkers, motor riders, cars and trucks. Since we start really early this am, traffic of any kind was not bad at all. .. phew! We hate it when those 2 strokes loud tinny sounding motors go by.. Those buggers have no idea how terribly irritating that it… or maybe they do and they get some joy out of irritating the tourist!

Low tide at ABC beach, looking over to the marina

0735hrs, its only a small uphill from the Marine park trail and down to ABC beach. 10 mins of light trekking, small hurdle… then we are out in the open beach walkway again. Now looking for breakfast.. The 1st place on this beach is Nazri’s place chalets and restaurant. Nice view and quite a successful setup. Prices are a little on the high side.

0810hrs, we are at the end of ABC beach and looking up at the jungle trail over another hill to the other side… hmm… maybe our footfeets are tired, or we are hungry and dun wanna walk away into the unknown forest… so we settled to have breakfast at the last eating place on ABC. Little eating places litter all over the beachfront from end to end, but they all serve the same food… mostly sama sama anyway.. btw, I didnt enjoy my breakfast pancake with bananas… but the view was beautiful and the feeling was wonderful. I would do this again!

Refraction of morning light in clear waters over pebbles at ABC beach

0900hrs, spending some time at the pebbly beach of ABC. Its really low tide and rocks exposed. Look at all those rock marked coves of skiff parking!

Check out the refraction of warm morning light into very clear waters and over the pebbles! … early risers are out and about now, and a local family were clamming! And they got some! Oh wow! I am jealous! I dunno about locals, maybe they dun like pictures… and warning, tourist and non-locals are not to fish, clam or trap in this marine park… something about fines or bribes, either way its money and vacation spoiler.

1000hrs, okie, we are outta here. 1100hrs, we are back on board! Thank God for A/C!


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