Hike over the mountain at Tioman

We had really wanted to see Juara which is on the other side of Tioman, as in its across the mountain to the east of the marina. If not for the wind and swells recently, we would have gone and try anchor Calliste off the beach for a day. Seems like it would be too uncomfortable to stay onboard in these conditions, so I thought the way to see Juara is to be berthed at the marina and walk over…

At beginning of a long windy uphill.

I mean, I do enjoy long distance walking… but the uphill part is abit daunting.. and not knowing much about the mountain road.  Nobody gives a good description of this walk, like how far, how much time would a average person take to hike over. Its completely unknown, except that people have done it to and fro in a day…

Alright, so I am going to go until I cant continue anymore… and I am not carrying any water nor food… travelling light with not even a backpack. Just a phone, RM90 and no ID… 🙂 … really, I am not a very smart traveller, just the silly ones with the can-do attitude…

Midway, an opening in the forest to look out over the marina and seas.

And I am doing this alone. Me, by myself, up the lonely road across Tioman. Look, no way Doug is gonna make it across… he is just gonna talk me out of it, every step of the way… so if it is to be, it is up to me. And so, here we go.

I am not kidding, this is really tough. Only just turning in at the 1st bend and I am so winded already. Okay, need more mental strength here… talked myself into making the 2nd bend, maybe it wont be so steep after that… opps 3rd bend is just as bad… too early to give up, lets try another 100 steps… gotta rest… really sat down on the alu railings for 2 mins… found that my posture while facing up is not comfy at all, turn around face downhill and stretch legs out front. .. arhhh……

Think zen, deep breaths… now slow down the breaths… ok heart rate under control now… feel better now, ok move on.. Its a beautiful day for a walk, make good use of it. .. and I keep telling myself that I have come to far to give up.. 🙂 Nope, I didnt think that I made much distance at all, just trying to push myself over the slope, and the next one, and the next one…

First signs of human dwelling on this lonely road

So I started at 0845hrs. The SuperCats (Phil, Gina and Felicity) pass me on their motorbikes at 945hrs. Just about time I was seriously thinking about giving up… I listened for the sound of engine as they disappear around a corner further up, trying to gauge how much more incline there is beyond them.. Hmm… I think its quite close now.. PUSH ON! Even if I have to sit on the ground and rest every 20steps, I am going for it!

Bananas! 20ft of tall grass separates me from that fruit!

I am certainly doing better than those monks doing the 3 steps and flat on belly walk! At least I am making better progress… 🙂 Another reason to push on. … 1030hrs, finally! A long flat! Ok, it should be easy now. The worst is over! So I thought!

Made it! At last!

Coming up next, steep downhill.. what goes up, must come down. If it was hard going up, you can tell that it be just as hard coming down… This time, my problem was my toes. They hurt from being squished in by the pointy down pressure from the steepness of slopes.. so much so that I had to walk backwards to relieve the pressure… I am at the point, where I will do whatever necessary to finish on the Juara side. I’ll roll if I must, I’ll be there! Keep telling myself that…

1130hrs, finally, signs of human habitats! and human activities… did I tell ya I was so dumb and had no water… These green bananas actually looked really good to me then! .. for the record, it took me almost 3hrs to cross… hit the beach food shacks and drink like theres no tomoro… I was drowning myself with coke!

Phils at Juara

Well, the real attraction for me at Juara is Phils’ new getaway house. And so here I am, refreshed and trekking over the beach pathway to Phils’… there is no road, this is THE way…

A Malay style beachfront chalet

And look, a pretty Malay beachfront chalet. Isnt that cute. Its really small, but has a toilet and 2 double deck bunk beds… no A/C, so I wont bother to ask.

Felicity in her soon to be furnished loft room

Lucky me, low tide. .. so I didnt have to get too wet walking over to Phils. They are now putting in cabinets and furniture. Soon they be ready to party! And nobody throws a party like Phil and family…. so looking forward… to seeing it finished… and the party of course.

I can imagine that sun rise over Juara would be so pretty. This house is so perfectly situated to watch sun rise happening in the shade of the rocks and trees. Felicity has the best view, I am jealous 🙂

The smaller gardeners quarters

Even the workers that will be hired to maintain this property have a nice hut and a great view. This would be so perfect for me, but I am not one for the service industry …

 Nope, I am going to try get a cab back. Bump into John and Wilma. They walked too, and they were also there to visit with Phil. So we shared the cab fare and it all work out well.. RM90 for 3 of us in a 30 min ride. The driver is going to eat well tonight.

So, at the end of the day…. I got to see Juara, visit Phil and family… and Doug happily settled for the comfort of just seeing the pictures and hearing my story… 🙂 We shall both be contented.


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