The new walk from Keppel Marina to Labrador park

At the waterfront walkway infront of Caribean and Reflections

So we have a new Boardwalk across the water, linking us on Calliste @ Keppel Bay Marina to Labrador Park… lets check it out.

Its a nice morning walk.. while its still cool.. across the bridge linking Keppel island to mainland Singapore, then onto the landscaped waterfront walkway along Caribean Condos, onto the waterfront walkway along the soon to be occupied Reflections, onto the boardwalk across a swamp and finally onto Labrador park.

Yup, across the swamp on a broadwalk.

The walk is about 1.5km across everything manmade. Stone slabs floors with embedded lights, designer park benches and dwarf palms. Looks nice and maintained, un-natural and cold…

Looks like a exciting day out for these guys

Labrador park is just a small little park that is really quite nice and more natural. Its more for real people to have fun in. People actually fish, walk and gawk at the flowers and set off on expeditions here.

And off they go.

Such good luck, we see a kayak fishing group preparing and going off. 0800hrs, they are off already. Check out their gear. Seems like they are a group that has finances setup and ready to enjoy off days with a passion. I mean, they do stand out among the locals who are financially well set but have no passion. Think you need a job to keep from going senile and becoming useless? Why not a exciting (yes, it expensive) hobby?

BTW, a group of older folks stopped and gawked at their equipment and energy… and said out loud, “Wonder how much fish they are going to get from all that money and effort.” Obviously, they dont get it.


2 Responses to “The new walk from Keppel Marina to Labrador park”

  1. 1 yap
    May 4, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Hi Captain Lang,
    Thanx for your kind words regarding Nori and Wakame. Yep, they are good fun to have on the boat.
    We do remember you….we stayed in Sebana Cove Dec 2007-Jan2008, where we shared a few dock-parties;-)
    BTW, how did you find out about Alishan on the Move?
    Sayonara from
    Yap in Fukuoka

  2. 2 yap
    May 5, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Ahoy Captain Lang,
    That is good fun reading your!
    Luff your update in Tioman etc. That was our first stop after HK in 2007…good memories.
    At http://www.syalishan.com year 2008 Q1, there is a picture of 1 of the Sebana Cove Pontoon Parties….i think you’re in it;-). And of course Nori and Wakame have been on board of your boats as they were the official
    Rat Patrole Cats….
    Hey that woud be super if you sail up to Okinawa, hope to see you there or here. Right now i’m on my way to Okinawa on Fu Kyo the Cat (see blog).
    We think that we will be in Japan for the near future…we like it here. Fukuoka is our homeport…in 1989 we joined a yachtrace from NZ to Japan (Fukuoka) …and so it all started. Gor stuck here, left, decided to come back, left again but again found ourselves “homesick” for Sushi & Friends.
    Btw, saw you are a fan of the GSSR..we met them in 2010 in Miyako shima, see 1 of the pictures on my blog.
    You can mail me direct at boatingjapan-at-gmail-dot-com

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