Arizona scenic drive

Thats one of the mountains... and a view for sale...

What else is there to expect from a scenic drive in Arizona other than the grand view of the canyons? Lakes… or are they oasis in this high desert?

One of the many beautifully sculpted faces

Just 1hr drive away from our hotel at Chandler is the scenic drive thru Tonto National Park. We didnt wanna do another full day drive out anywhere, just a short invigorating one… so this is it. Hopefully we’ll get a short hike along some trails…

Our comfortable ride up on the scenic route

Driving along I88, a curvy uphill road towards Roosevelt dam… ( we didnt actually get to Roosevelt dam). We stop at the launching area for Dolly the Steamboat.. thats a boat not a Chinese feast! BTW, theres a marina and some very short trails among the cactuses…

Another way to ride the scenic route.

We were not the only ones looking for a nice scenic drive thru the mountains. Recreation comes in many forms. Riding must be fun around here… but colder… I guess if dress appropriately, its no biggie…

From a scenic viewpoint stop. Thats dolly making her rounds.

Lakes are not usualy natural in these areas.. me thinks. A series of dams trapping the water from the mountains, and then regulating the flow and forming a lake for recreation and is also a reservoir for the people. Sometimes, dams are electric generators and thats another plus for green renewable energy.

Er... something that I found under a shelter...

Air in the park is certainly fresher… I wonder why.. Its great for hiking and even just hanging out around here clears the lungs from the usual city contaminants. .. Everybody should do this more often. Around here, people really do enjoy using the park and facilities. The amazing thing is that park users are really considerate to the natural environment and do their part to not pollute … just the occasional trash among the bushes.. There are some idiots in every society… I guess.

Flowering non-desert plant...

Some greener trees do thrive around the lake… me thinks they are not native, but ornamentally planted later. Immediatly away from the lake are the desert scrubs and cactuses… Heres something that is flowering nicely… but probably not native.

A marina in this huge reservoir... something for the future SG lifestyle

Oh here we are, at the launching area of Dolly the Steamboat… I like that name. .. No picture of here cos shes out and about. $20 for a ride, seems like a good way to spend an hour… but we are going to find a walk to somewhere..

Lake and marina at 2000ft above sea level

There’s plenty of room everywhere to spread out, walk and so much to see.. Thats the marina from across the road and under the bridge… Only small boats allowed in here… and shallow bottom sailboats…

Thats all for a short break relaxing trip… while we prepare for the next big one. ..


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