My Grand Canyon adventure

On the way to the Canyons, just starters

For anyone with a weak heart condition and have a need to see the one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon… probably better to take a ground tour package.

Passing by some really steep cliffs. This is the Grand Canyons.

Thats not for people like us tho.. the Canyons inspire people to want see it differently…. aerial view of the Canyons look spectacular on postcards! Our options, take a package on a Cessna, or a package on a air glider, or helicopter. … how about US$200 each for 1hr ride over the Canyons.. Nah, we are too cheap to do that… 😛

Out of the arid soil grows some barrel cactus.

So driving was a cheap alternative, finding a exciting spot on a map and head out! And enjoy the Canyon view all the way to the Colorado river. Yes, we are water people. We will always be looking for a way to get close to any body of water… and wasnt the Canyons carved by million years of running water that is now the Colorado river?

Thats how small I feel about this.

Alright, this is going to be a 5hr drive up and then another 5hr back… Daylight is short in November and temperature drops rapidly at dusk. We need to start early and find the spot we wanna find… we could find water in many spots, but seeing a lake is not the same as seeing the waters that carves the Canyons. So we are on a adventure to see the Canyons in the making.

Thats a path down to Lake Mead.

Thats me at our pitstop, enjoying the view of Lake Mead. I thot, maybe I could walk down that path and feel good about being here, but nope, I feel the utmost need to find the river that carves the Canyon. Onward and forward!

Our GPS "ladies"... Garmin vs Magellan

And we have our brand new Garmin Nuvi and the Magellan that came with the Hertz car to guide us to this place. Lets see whos better… altho we are leaning towards the sexier Nuvi the moment she arrived. … after the trip, its confirmed, “Money-Penny” was out of job. 😛 … and Nuvi is our girl!

The unpaved road to Colorado river, Grand Canyon

I own up to leaving with not enuf prep. I guess complacency sets in when one is in the USofA. Just stop anywhere and pretty sure theres a Macd, Subway, gas station and what else do you need, sure you can find it. Thats what I thot… So our food are chips, salsa and junk… 🙂 .. yes, and we were not dissappointed by the variety at all. They even got Safeway groceries in Kingsman town. Its a big town, stop in it before going further. After that, not much for food choices.

The Colorado river and the new cliff

We knew that we would be driving this delicate little Toyota Corolla over unpaved road for like 2 miles before hitting water. We were relying on Google Maps satellite picture to get to the water. After quite a bit of jumping on the bumpy track, I was about to give up… then we see some caravan packed with rolled up rubber dinghy leaving. That is a sure sign that we are on track… right?

The river that we drove 6hrs to get to.

So we go on further, not before we chase down some dead end. .. by the time we made it, it was a unbelieveable 6hrs on the road. .. The feel of feet soaking in the Colorado river… priceless! The sight of the Grand Canyons from the river was unbelieveable! This river carved these mountains!

My foot! In the Colorado river!

BTW, the water was very cold… my foot cramped in under 1 minute.

Thats the great Majestic Canyons.

And the view of the Grand Canyons from the river, absolutely spectacular. The clouds parted and the sun came thru for a beautiful shot.

1 Joshua tree

We started driving just before sun starts setting, and merrily stopped for a few pictures of Joshua trees. We passed them on the way in, but didnt stop. Nows our chance and its even better than earlier. We the sun shinning at a lower level onto the Canyons, blue skies and all, made the trees look better.

Joshua tree and the Canyons!

… we didnt think it be pass 9pm by the time we made it back to our room. .. It was one tough driving day…

but I am greatful for a beautiful day to go see one of the greatest wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon and the Colorado river and even the Joshua trees. This is great!


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