Reno prepwork in full swing

3 weeks till moving into our new place and then starting reno while living in it. Here I am, making plans and purchases, in the hope that major reno works will be quick, such that we can settle in and do the details stuff. … things are just never as simple as I like them to be. ..

1st, I am shocked! The big apartment is supplied by a 230V 30Amps switchbox. Simply means that at any time, the power consumption in this flat is 69000W, excluding the 8.5Amps supply to the aircon. Okay, that means the aircon can draw a max of 1955Watts that is separate from the 6900W switchbox, but at 1955W the aircon is under powered. I ordered a brand new Mitsubushi inverter split 4 that is capable to produce 28,000 BTU of cooling capacity, but it will only produce 24,000 BTU because of the 8.5Amps current limit in this estate! The good is, our electric bill for aircon is capped at 8.5Amps… the bad is, our 4 rooms will take longer than usual to cool and may never be as cool as we want it to be… there are many factors to that, so we wont know until its installed and as the locals say… “see how lor”

1 strip of LEDs, cutout from a rool

What about 30Amps or 6900Watts for the other stuff? Is that enuf? … If all lights turned on (assume flourescent), thats 600W, the fridge is about 1000W during on cycle, the vacuum cleaner is another 1000W (or more), 2 x TV is another 1000W, washing machine, microwave, electric stove (2000W)… opps thats it, 6900W and there goes to circuit breaker! … alrighty, so we know to never turn on everything at once… no multitasking here.

Flexi strip LEDs in a cluster

And we really wont be using 600W for lights…. cos its only LEDs for us. These flexi-LEDs light strips are just fabulous! They have certainly come a long way. Its bright, easy to install and cheap to run. My test setup in the loo using just 2.25W is not quite enough for reading, but I would think that 4W will be enough. Thats 4W versus 11W, a energy saving of almost 70%.

A split out group of just 2 strips.

The problem of using LEDs is really the distribution of little lamps. When it is congested in a small area, the light is very focus… resulting in bright spots. So the challenge in adopting LEDs only lighting for a room is building fixtures that holds the LEDs in a manner that distributes the light best. I discovered that spliting up the LEDs into groups of 2 or 3 strips, then placing each group 1 foot away, will light up the space much better that lumping them together. However, this requires more wiring and effort for concealing the wires.

… and um…. today I placed an order for stainless steel mosaics… it has to be made and shipped from Australia… dun ask me why I did it! Its really quite expensive is it going to work out?… hope its worth it… fingers crossed.


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