Its confirmed. We are moving… in about 5 weeks.

2 weeks have past since we did the 1st appointment thingy at HDB, and now we know for sure, that we be moving around 24th Sept.

1st appointment at HDB is a big thing…. and I feel in people that they might be somewhat fearful of the day… Its the day that an officer would meet the buyers and sellers of the properties (note pural because 2 properties may be involved in 1 transaction), to resolve matters with eligibility of buying or selling, to discuss financing for the buyers and make arrangements with other government agencies to ensure smooth transition of monies, set behavious for sellers , etc.

My new flat has 2 levels... 🙂

It is scary to me too, and I hope that my diligence in preparing photocopies of numerous documents will allow us to pass without major hiccups that stall the entire process. I mean, stalling the entire process by weeks is the biggest scare to me… but it will still go thru, I am sure of it. .. Part of my worry, is that I do not have agents to help me with solving problems if I run into any… my study of HDB regulations suggest that there will be no problem… but agents will always give you the scary details about what happen to so and so … … I decided to be brave and see it for myself. Afterall, given my education, exposure, financial situation, if I cant work this out on my own, then I suppose DIY transactions at HDB is pure fiction. … thats my very arrogant thinking… its like knowing that there is nothing I cant fix. 

Okie okie. So on the day at HDB, we were served by a very efficient fast talking officer. Everything pass on her desk was like a blur to me… opps, we were missing death certs of my grandparents who were previous owners of the flat that I was selling… okie we’ll submit in the next few days. .. that was a minor hiccup.. The sellers agent for the flat that I am buying screwed up more than I did. They didnt get my witness to sign in the right columns, so I had to go get that fixed too. Then they had other missing documents that had to come from the sellers who were overseas. That was a major hiccup, that cost us 1 week! … Even the officer commented that I seem to represent myself better than the agents would have!! Yeah!

Now its just waiting for the completion and planning renovation… so what would you do with this new flat? Its big…. and does have many exciting options… I am going to have fun, thats for sure!

BTW, if you are still thinking that HDB is run by a bunch of rude, slow-moving cows,  you are probably living with the dinosaurs. We were impressed by the efficiency and knowledge of the staff.. altho we think that the completion process of 7 weeks is too long. I have used the hotline extensively and find that to be very helpful in my preparation work… I have nothing against HDB staff… but I wonder why there are many others who feel they are unhelpful and unfriendly. …?


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