Walking over to the touristy Sentosa

Its been a while since our last walking adventure.. this time we are going to … <yawn> .. Sentosa. Most locals that I know are not interested in going there, and some have never been there.. well, its the same with Ubin, BT hill and even East Coast Park!

Bridge over from Vivo to Sentosa

Now that we spend alot of our weekends at Calliste, which is berthed at the island across the channel to Sentosa.. (see Keppel?), we see alot that all is happening across that waterway… (fireworks) stuff and music going on every night, we thought it might to good to check out our neighbour.

Thats my footfeets on the composite planks of the broadwalk

On a very fine day… 7am. .. nice and cool… we start out from Keppel, drove Drax over to Seah Im hawker and got ourselves 2 packs carrot cake at only $2 each, then over to the free parking over at St James power station. We have our walking shoes on, backpacks, cameras and take out carrot cakes…  we are ready to walk. .. should have gotten a drink too…

Sheltered path to Sentosa..

There are many ways to get to Sentosa ( check out www.sentosa.com.sg ), but we wanna try walking over the newly completed broadwalk from Vivo to Sentosa…

Here we are, at the beginning of the walk… 3 paths to choose. The sheltered walkway, or the sheltered conveyor beltway, or the open air waterfront walk…? For sure we choose the open walk! BTW, the broadwalk is free!

Hangout and chill with the wired musicians. CooL!

This broadwalk is kinda like a great hang out place, wide open space and nobody around yet.. we found plenty of benches lining the walk. We plonked down on 1 just before the entrance to Sentosa to enjoy our carrot cakes in this cool morning. We were pretty happy that nobody was up and about to disrupt the quiet and peace of this waterfront sitting area.

R we too early?

Near to our bench were some wired musicians! I think they are CooL! … I am sure this place will be totally different by night.

Hanging out on the broadwalk is free, walking is free too… entrance to Sentosa is $1… Nothing is totally free, but at least this fee is not exhorbitant… 🙂

Welcome to Sentosa?

The counter just before the turnstiles are not for collecting entrance fee.. so its no problem even if we were too early. .. since we are not interested in Universal Studio rides or some bundled packages for doing touristy things on the island… but if you are interested, then take note of the opening hrs.

This is proof, that God loves ya.

For going to the island at “ungodly” hrs, this is how it works. Tap your eazylink card at the MRT gate look alike thing, walk thru the turnstiles and viola! You’re in!

10 steps into the island… I am not too thrilled by the nice, but very fake landscape. I mean its the 1st thing that I saw and its like making me wonder if this is really Singapore. I mean, shouldnt we be entering a clearing in a tropical rainforest? … Kinda like a sign, that warn me upfront rightaway, that everything I see here is fake.

Fighting equipment against fire-breathing dragons. 🙂

So true… the next thing to greet the walk in tourist is a fake cliff and fake cave…. Its so fake that stones can burn! …. I mean, who the freaking mind thought about installing a sprinkler system and fire extinguisher in a cave!?

Hey wait… I think I got it nailed. This is proof that God love us since the days of the cavemen. He put in the water sprinkler system so that the cavemen wont burn down they “residence”, and he even gave them fire fighting equipment for fending off the fire breathing dragons!

Oh wow! So tantalising!

So what else is new? Candies growing out of trees! Oh wow, when do you get to harvest them! Well these candies are so big! You cant miss it. .. it might just drop and knock you out cold…  at least a very severe headache!

Old familiar brands at RWS

How about some regular sustenance… Great… at least theres some cheap food around.. altho, the shop looks a million dollars..

BTW, notice the gaudy environment… yucks. .. flooring that dun go with walls and roof that looks cheap…. tsk tsk tsk…

Phony chapel look?

Okay, next, walking by the casino entrance… we feel so watched… we are obviously not gonna try to enter… in flipflops and shorts… comeon now, give me a break…

Funky escalator ride. Cheap thrills.

The walkway between the hotels and the casino is also very fake and definately very distracting… I guess the budget didnt allow the designers to come up with something more classy and soothing… In this phony chapel, everybody gets chased by the marblely lights that sweeps the ground… I felt like a curse has been laid upon us… “thou shall lose more money…” ….. fortunately, we are not even dressed to the occasion and will not be paying the super crazy discriminatory $100 per SGrean! I refuse to pay even $1! Its pure discrimination! RWS and GOV, you cant even beg me or bribe me to pay this stupid fee! … sorry… have to rant!

 Final picture of the day… a crazy escalator ride… very noisy and very glaring bright visuals… These days, people dont enjoy silent environment… Around here, people dun talk much. .. and they dun relax… this complex doesnt allow any real rest… I think its got something to do with fengshui… or curse? “… You zoombies are gonna to lose! Big time! ….” …. I think I hear alot of that echoing around the recesses of my brain…. … Not a enjoyable walk today… sigh… wont do it again.


2 Responses to “Walking over to the touristy Sentosa”

  1. 1 Karin Lee
    August 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Hi!!! I saw your Cat Scratch Post Photo and your posting in Forum… Do you still make Scratch Post to sell?

  2. 2 Karin Lee
    August 10, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Oh yeah please drop me an email… appreciate it! thanks!

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