6 solid days in Tioman

Day 1: Tying up to docks, asking around about moving into a better berth if possible, clearing in at the customs, immigrations and harbourmaster office. Getting a worthless dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants… There went a day.

Kayaking is fun amongst rocks!

Day 2 AM: Am determined to have a day of fun.. 1st thing this beautiful morning, we are going kayaking! .. and I am looking for clams … brought my tiny little plastic shovel, but alas no clams to be found on the 2 beaches north of the marina..

Sitting back, coasting along on a kayak

Oh well, just relax and enjoy the beatiful aquarium. .. I mean, sitting so low on the water that is so clear that the bottom can be seen, and the fishes that are just going about their business, this really feels like I am kayaking on a aquarium. I feel so connected to the sea and marine life. Of course, the next step is to join them with dive or snorkel gear… but count me out on that.. I really do prefer seeing from the top.

Lots of fishes in this aquarium

Kayaking around the pier at the marine park. Look at all these fishes. They just swim up to you.

Danger! Patch of sea urchins

And this black patch is ….. urchins! A whole colony of them. There are many patches around, so swimmers beware. I thought they must be worth a bunch… wonder why nobody harvest them..?

Urchins. Look at the dots!

I am surprised to see that they have iridescent white, blue and orange spots.. and they crawl! They clean (eat) the algae along the path, so you can even see their tracks.

Waters of Tioman

This is the water around Tetek. Its definately clean and clear. The bottom is whitish rock and sand, with good amount of daylight that penetrates the clear water, the result is a abstract beigey tint picture of the rocky bottom. There are 2 surfaces that are visual here, the water surface and the rocky bottom. I am fascinated by reflection and refraction effects of the water medium, which makes looking at the rocky bottom similar to looking thru a kelaidoscope.

Day 2 PM: Quite a number of Singapore Easter rally boats left… as usual. They are so predictable. This Good Friday – Easter rally kinda an yearly event that is organized by somebody at One15. Participants are always powerboats. They zoom over in like 10hrs on Friday, and then zoom back on Sunday.

Gathering of cruising boaters at Nona's

So anyway, they made it before us, so they took up all the places in the marina. Now that they are gone…. hee hee, we get to pick the spots. Its very tight manuvering in there, almost impossible to turn around without hitting somebody. Good old boy Doug did it and we got ourselves a berth..

We were then overcome by heat and fatique, simply collapsed into our warm bunks and snoozed. It was really terribly warm! We should have brought the aircon! We will! Next time!

Good thing it cools down quite abit as soon as the sun sets. Now we are ready for the partying! 1st stop, gathering at Nona’s. On the pontoon, there is just enuf space to set up a picnic table and bring your own stools. Finger food contribution welcomed, definately BYOB!

2nd party stop, the doctors’ birthday party on Eastwind II finger. It was late night pizzas, lots of cold beer and plenty of drinks. A real party!!! The doctor is in a most generous mood….

<… to be continued..>


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