on tour in Singapore

The HIP and colorful Hippo bus

I the local, went on the Hippo and Duck tours! It was a company sponsored event and I merrily hop on. I have been wanting to do some of these local tours for a long time… but I never made time for it .. am definately happier to do it on company time and expense.. 🙂

I thot this colorful decal of the Merlion is so cool! I am sure happy to be seen travelling with him.. or her..?

Thats my duck! Pretty long eyelashes.

1st on the itenary, the “topless” Hippo bus comes to pick us up from just outside our gates. What a great idea! … but it was a rainy day, so it was not so fun in the open top.. but I dun care! I am sitting out side all the same!

The so called, best view of the sands building..

It was about 45 mins ride from Woodlands to the duck tours base at the ferries wheel. By the time we got to the Duckies, it had stopped raining, which is great!

The duck tours start by doing a dry route around a few landmarks in the city.  

<yawn> … I recently walked this path..

<yawn> Singapore city center buildings seen from on board the duckie

Belly of the Helix! Look at those struts!

I love getting on the water part tho… and splash, there she goes… I am so looking forward to going under the Helix.

Somebody is watching...

Its quite fascinating really, the construction of this bridge.. and I am very happy to get these not so common pictures of the under belly.

The Singapore Flyer... maybe I will try this ..

And here is one with people on the pod, watching us duckies go by. .. perhaps wishing to be ducking around and not just gawking at us. I guess I am just a wet duckie tour fan.

Air-conned street food. Looks there a curb and double yellow lines!

And my pictures of the ferries wheel, from being almost directly under it.. I wanna ride in it someday… fingers crossed… maybe it will be the next company sponsored event… 🙂

It certainly is not open air...

While waiting around for the next part of our city tour, I took a walk around the base of the ferris wheel.. gift shops <yawn..> candy shops… <yawn>… food court…? .. just browsing.. cos I am not needing to buy dinner tonight..

How do you create a oldie street hawker eating ambience, combine that with peoples need for air-conditioning around here… well.. using old signboards, props and antiques… a bit fake, … and the prices are nothing like the past. Snapping back to reality! Would I pay this much money for hawker themed food. .. nah… $20, I could eat real food in a mid range restaurant. ..

Thats us doing the "topless" ride

Back to the tours… Hopped onto the Hippo bus again and headed downtown for a peak hour congested traffic ride.. .. that us going by the old police headquarters. A relic from our colonial government days. Now its some gov office for media censorship.. somebody has gotto foot the bills for painting these windows…

Changing building skin!

Cameleon building named Ion. With all the advancement in LED and semiconductor technology, and this is what we get!

The lobby at Prima Towers

It was a nice evening… but I could do without the smog… it wasnt really bad, considering that this is such a densely populated city, the air quality isnt as bad as some of our neighbours…

Too much reflections spoiling the whole experience of dinning with a changing view

Ok, here we are, at the lobby at Prima Towers.. The was a time in our history that flour was actually milled in Singapore. .. and this was a silo? The lobby is kinda bizarre looking with this nipple like thing with a chandelier hanging above our heads while we wait for the very slow lifts…

Dinner was the most forgetable part of the day… View from the revolving restaurant was pretty good and quite fascinating… its changing all the time.. tried to take pictures, but none of them came out well.. reflections on the glass problem. .. Was happy to be there for the experience of changing views while having dinner… but it was not worth $20 IMO.. .. Yes I know, it was alot more than $20, but it was paid by somebody up in mgmt…. well… I am crossing it from my list of touristy things to here around here.


2 Responses to “on tour in Singapore”

  1. March 30, 2011 at 4:54 am

    Hey, nice pics! Never been on the duck tour myself but maybe I should! Hope everything’s going well with you. Cheers!

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    March 30, 2011 at 9:08 am


    Just passed a busy phase and soon going into another. Need to do relaxing things.. sometimes.. Have plans for vacation over Easter to Labour day. .. something to look forward to.. keeping me motivated 🙂

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