5 weeks at Marina Yacht Services

Oh my oh my! We cant wait to be floating again… … yeah.. by the time I get around to blog posting, we are in the water and have gone back to Keppel and I have my trusty internet at home to actually post pictures .. right.

Calliste oil damaged anitfoul being sanded away.

Calliste’s oil damaged antifoul is sanded down to the white primer by the worker at Marina Yacht Services. It only took they 2 days or so..

Patches of antifoul painted on.

I thot it interesting that the sanding workers were still going at it, and the painters came by and saw opportunity to paint patches of grey primer, followed by blue interspeed and even the red antifoul. They painted the patches where they want the cradles to be, where the pads will cover up the area. Its interestingly that you could paint it patches before the job, or move the boat and paint the covered up areas after the job.

Where is everybody...?

I thot this is a really cute picture. Its like we came back to find Calliste all exposed… 😉 There were other boats around to hide her “nakedness” earlier, but suddenly they were gone! Now, where is everybody?

Interspeed blue going on.

Ok, so Calliste was only exposed for a while, then she was moved to the “painting booth”. Our antifoul is color coded. Red on blue on grey on white. When blue starts showing, we know its time for new antifoul paint.

The mobile painting station.

The mobile paint station allows the painters to set up next to the target boat. They spray on antifoul around here. Its not usually done this way, but they seem to be done much better here than other yards.

Our painters. The master and the apprentice.

Painters posing for us. The master and his apprentice. Seems like they are happy with the results. Red is looking good on her.

On deck view with Calliste on the hard. Interesting perspective.

Meanwhile, Doug has been working on the mast… and me too!

Gooping carefully around each fixture with some silicon..

Things are looking good. It seems like the antifoul painting and the mast building will complete around the same time. .. Doug work 16hrs days and well into the night, rain or shine, 7 day weeks. It was tough. I provided the food and the beer that kept him going… how about that! .. and the decals…

Oh look! Its done. Mast raising the next day.

We are close to sailing again… with Calliste’s new mast! We are not there yet.. but we are closing in on the target. Lets see.. we still need to replace the rigging wires, halyards, boom gallows… these are small things, a little here and a little there…

Vandalized prop! Hee hee... I did that!!

Its been so long. .. I thot its another never ending project! .. but here we are, 1day away from mast raising.

The final moments at MYS. Mast installed

Ah HA! I had fun vandalizing the prop with squeaky pen.. some say its really effective at underwater growth control… we’ll know in 3 months if it work or not..

Calliste in the slings!

Alright! The MAST is IN! This is a nice crane, kinda overkill for this task, but nice job all the same. 

Calliste in the slings again! Ready for launch.

In the soup.

There she goes. I could almost hear her “quack” … like a duck happily getting its bottom wet and its little feets paddling away.

Seems like we be needing to go to Phuket for the wires soon, and maybe Rolly Tasker have a good selection of halyards too. We have the gallows almost ready. ..

Yes yes.. we have more than just these things.. but we need to take a break and celebrate this milestone!


1 Response to “5 weeks at Marina Yacht Services”

  1. 1 Vince
    December 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Hi, I m looking for some quotes on lettering to be placed on the aft of the boat, ” Langkawi ” and its registry numbers. Would you be interested?

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