I dun want to remember Sendai as a diaster area

1 week ago, I was sneaking a little snooze after lunch in my chair at my desk in my little cubicle… I dun remember exactly what time it was, but I woke up with a start and I thought we were experiencing tremors… like we usually do in Indonesian earthquakes… I asked my “cube” mate if shes feeling it too, but no. I checked my little tremor marker, and it seem to be moving very slightly, maybe its nothing. ..

I was going back to my dreams… when another colleague across the aisle exclaimed, “Japan earthquake!”. That was about 10 mins after I thought I felt the quake… My cube mate and I were like “<Shock> Really!? could it be!?” Is it possible for one to feel an earthquake in Japan from Singapore.

I guess its not really important that if I really felt the quake or not. All the same, I feel terrible for the people who are so badly affected. From a natural disaster of earthquake, followed by tsunami and finally to radioactive disaster, things are getting from bad to worse in hours.

Overnight, the unknown city of Sendai became instantly known to the world. Its not a good thing. Sendai is a city of no consequences to anybody, except for those who were fortunate to be aquainted with it… before this happend. Now, people will remember it for this incident.

I remember Sendai for the good 9 months when I was working and living there in 1998. It was my 1st experience of living through 4 seasons at 1 go, at the beautiful subburb of Izumi ward of Sendai city. I enjoyed the excellent sushi made with the most fresh sea produce from within Miyagi district, I enjoyed my walks through the flower fields, rice fields, trails… etc. I drove several times to coast at Matsushima and I love that fishing and seafood farming village. I guess thats gone now.

The survivors of that village, I am not sure they are really survivors. . For the rest of their lives, they will be mourning their lost family and friends, they will have a regret so deep in their hearts that nobody will truly be able to understand. The lost of ones’ roots! No more family house or happy family moments. Pictures and heirlooms washed out to sea, nothing to hold on to except for the memories.

Insurance may buy that car that was lost, or that house thats gone, but not the album of family gathering pictures, not the file of newspaper clippings made by proud parents of they exceptionally talented child. Aid money may buy food and help in rebuilding of lives, time will help heal the extreme pain in their hearts. … or will it? really? Dah says, its not a moment in time, its a missing moment in life that can never be recovered.

I have great respect for the Japanese. The spirit of unity in the Japanese will help the country recover from this shock. I feel bad that I cant do anymore than just writting my thoughts in my little blog, but I hope that there be others who, like me, remembers Sendai for better things.


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