Keppel to Marina Yacht services @ Raffles Marina

After 6 years of hard work and preparation, Calliste is finally ready to have her new mast installed. Why so long? Well, Doug had to do alot of research and then design the bits and pieces, and we had a life too! If we ever build a mast again, it will surely be better and alot faster… … but thats not in our plans. We are not becoming mast builders for a career. We are going cruising!

Our intended route. Keppel to Raffles Marina

BTW, going anywhere within Singapore waters, we must travel with a AIS or harts transponder. If we do not have one, we must rent one. The MPA places a couple of them harts thingy with the marina. Reservations are sometimes necessary. Charges are $60 for a 3 day block and $15 for every subsequent day + $10 fee by the marina.

The TSS, our route and our tracks..

0600hrs, Calliste left her berth at Keppel. Moving against the current at 2-3kns this beautiful morning weather. 0630hrs, just outside Keppel is some land reclaimation works. We didnt know that we had to navigate around it… okay, so we got chased out by the safety boat. Now, we are in a Traffic separation zone and technically we should go with the arrow… but it wasnt appealing to us to travel in this narrow channel between the land reclaimation and the Cyrene reefs. … anyway, we decided to pass with the reefs on our starboard and keep close to it as we are sharing this also very narrow passage with huge tankers. .. we are like bicycles sneaking on the road shoulder with buses coming at us .. get the picture.. ? But with our rented Harts on board, they can “see” us, on the radar that is.. even if they dont actually see us.

The unseen side of Singapore

I like the Garmin GPS and Bluecharts combo. Here, I am showing screenshots from Bluecharts, our intended route(pink line), our tracks(red dots), the land works, big ships coming into port(blue arrows) and the TSS(pink arrows). Now, big ships are every where, I just didnt draw all of them.

0800hrs, breakfast of hard boiled eggs while basking in the cool morning sunlight.

I would love to make those BIG decals... 🙂

0900hrs, coming up upon the sultan shoal. Look at all those smoking pipes! We never saw those on postcards or on TV, but yet that is Singapore too. If you think that SG is all HDB flats, condos, shopping malls and big commerce buildings, you are so wrong.

The very long and boring stone wall at Tuas

1000hrs update. There is a good wind blowing and we are kinda like moving against some currents. Doug is wanting to go with “one foot on the shore”, deviating from my route again. … and from where we are, it looks like we have lots have water space and a “short cut” over to Raffles. .. well, so I conceded to turn in earlier that I planned… against my better judgement.

1030hrs. Opps! Turning in early was a mistake. We really have to go around the reclaimed stonewall bend. Alright, turning out. Ya know, I am the captain and I planned the route with my knowledge of Singapore waters, why did I let my crew(the boat owner) talk me into this dead end. Well, but its really no big deal. Just a 20 mins detour.

One of the nicest work boat that I have seen. Clean and well equipped with lots of lift raft everywhere.

1100hrs. Leaving Doug on the helm. Motoring along a very long and boring old stonewall is putting me to sleep… going down for a little snooze… 🙂

1200hrs. Up and feeling refreshed.. now where were we..? Just passing the last of the stone wall and getting to the original Tuas area. .. Actually, almost all Tuas land is reclaimed, so there is really no original Tuas. Slowing down to almost idling speed now. .. we are approaching Raffles much earlier than anticipated. We really dont want to show up when the yard workers are having lunch. The waters are so flat calm and with the autopilot on the helm, its a pleasure for me and Doug to sit up at the foredeck and just enjoy the very smooth ride.

1300hrs. Pulling into the slip at Marina Yachts services. Thats it for the journey. Up next, the works.


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