One blanket policies

We went over to JB yesterday(actually afew days ago) for dental fixing for Doug. It went so well, and even sis had to give Roland Lim a go at fixing a crown. And we had a okay KFC lunch at the Holiday Plaza, where the dentist office was. And I got a couple of “tea eggs”…

The most vocal touts are those selling pirated videos and games. .. which I really didnt like… but otherwise, the Holiday Plaza was friendly, lively and bustling with a touch of old charm. I like seeing boutique shops selling snacks, cookies, clothes, shoes, etc. .. quite unlike in Singapore, where every mall feels like the same busy, brightly lighted, filled with glamorous looking products and lifeless souls. Yes, thats what I see is diff between malls across the causeway.

Well, but anyway… sometimes.. I just have to be irritated into writing a blog post… 😦 .. ok ok, so what happen now? …

Have you ever wondered why such primitive and backward policies such as no backpacks are allowed in some stores in Malaysia? I totally couldnt understand. This is totally so not cool in the new age of consumerism and is demeaning to the potential customer/shoplifter! I certainly refused to shop in any store that practices this. Especially not Tesco! A large UK chain setup in Malaysia adopting 3rd world security measures! Why does it allow itself to drop to the level of their local competitors!?

With all the instore camera, beepers at the checkout, staff and undercover security personal, if the shoplifting losses of the store continues to be high, then the question is integrity of its staff and effectiveness of the security. Why do customers have to take it if they enforce no backpacks policy and demand that all backpacks be placed in the 50cents lockers next to the entrance? Is this is scam for additional revenue or what!?

I, for one, refused to be treated like I am going to be a shoplifter! I refused to enter the store! I wonder how many people would actually behave like me? How much revenue is lost? Maybe insignficant, but no matter, loss of revenue should be added to the total cost of measures taken to reduce store losses.

On the other hand, if they allow me to enter with my backpack and not others who appears to be more in need than I am, that would be a form of discrimination. Is it possible to have blanket policies and have exceptions? I wonder how effective is this no backpack policy at preventing shoplifting. Does the store loss $200 or $2000 or $20000 less after this policy? Well, $200 would have been I would spend at the store, easily, if I went in there…. I wonder if they could be persuaded.. maybe if I flash my 3 Singapore issued platinum VISA cards…


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