Spring cleaning?

5 boxes of old junk and much more still laying around the house.

Yes, me is doing me spring cleaning. … This time, I am really going thru my old stuff and hoping to dump 90% of the junk! … Hoping to have less things to shift when changing house this year, and moving off to the US next year.. Thats the plan anyway.

Memories! I like browsing thru this mall... and I did buy quite abit of stuff from them

Look, I have procastinated for like 3 weeks… thats not too bad.. isnt it.. 🙂  So its time to start packing up and really try to throwaway some stuff. In these 5 boxes, are some old stuff that I havent seen in quite awhile. Lets see if theres stuff that I should dump, so that other stuff that I recently collected can fit in there… See, I am not trying to exceed this amount of collectibles. 5 boxes should be quite easy to move around.

Doug had a great idea to take pictures of them things and catalogue it in a special folder… and even on my picture diary blog. Just some of the things anyway.

What a treasure!

Look at what I found! Some things that are just priceless! Old plastic bags from the Emporium group! 20 years ago, they were quite popular at the suburbs. 10 years later, they were still around. Now…? Gone!

Remember how we use to buy music? They come in tapes.

The little see thru baggie is holding onto some real valueables! Literally! The bird series Singapore dollar bills. $20, $10, $5 and $1… Only 1 boat series $1 tho… wonder why I didnt keep some other denominations..? 

Hey look! Old tapes! Do they still make players for these tapes? I was really gonna throw them away, since I am not gonna buy something to play them with… but .. just kept afew… maybe a museum will want them.. if I wait long enug 😛

Also found plenty of other stuff… like old greeting cards from my old school chums… I totally forgotten that there was an era when people actually send cards! They are something really! They feel like the real thing, real contact and real people who made those special 1 of a kind cards just for me. It even has their handwriting on it! Especially those that were made by a group,  filled with handwritten messages from each person in the group. … E-cards are just not the same. I wonder if they still do that in school these days. .. Anyway, I forgot to make a picture documentary of the cards before putting it away deep into storage… Maybe I will do that the next time I open these boxes.. like 10 years from now…

Part of my travel collectibles. ..

Coming up next, my travel collectibles! eh hem… gifts to myself… 🙂

I travel quite abit for work. From 1995 to 2008.. Munich, TaiPei, Sendai, Penang, Manila, Bangalore, San Franscisco, Oregon, Vermont, New York… thats just the work travel list… I travel less for personal vacations .. and I dun usually spend enuf time to really see the place, so I dun have much to show for those personal travels… strange… only realize that now.

Wooden dolls from Japan.

Dolls from Japan, keyfobs from US, rocks from around the world. Almost everything I kept is special to me… hmm.. yes, sometimes I buy junk when I dunno what else to buy…

Box of travel memories

Look! My collection of driving maps. Japan, California, Oregon…. etc. And the world map! This box is gonna be my travel momentoes box. The marks of me travels. Its 1 way to know exactly where I have been and what I have done or saw. Blogging, is like a pictorial document of the new trips that I make. These maps are the legacy, marking the time before digital pictures and blogging.

Where have I been?

And the book, comics and old games box. My treasures… but I really cant bring them with me. These things go into storage… I might look at them again 30 years later… dunno, but I really wanna keep them somewhere, somehow. 

How many months did I spend on this?

And look! My collection of 1/2 done projects… yes, I have a good track record of those. .. as if that is something to be proud off… :p. .. Well, at least I got that far! … Its going into storage for now… I have no time for this project now… The crochet poncho? I am still working on that one… 🙂 

Rocks from around the world.

Did I tell you about rocks? … I am a rock collector! Much to Doug’s disbelief. .. until I pulled them out from the various places where I stored them “temporarily”. Some from over here, some from over there…

And here they congregate. Round pebbly rocks are from the Columbia river in Oregon. The 1 red stone I found in Langkawi, I think. The pink ones are clay and sorta  chalky. The whites are low quality marbles from Rebak, Langkawi. The big grey was a surprise from near Sebana. I dont remember where I got those black sharp edgy ones… hmm… ok, moving on.

Definately the time to dump all them old socks! Yellow and no more elasticity! Who keeps such things! Yucks! Cant believe I havent got rid of them sooner! And the spotty yellowy old t-shirts… they are going too! Will be keeping just afew more special ones… sigh… me the junk collector… There’s still plenty more stuff to go thru… wish me luck.


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