World’s 1st AirShip Port

.. Where was I..? Oh yes.. hmm.. we entered this huge uncompleted building that is like the “AirShip Port”. I dun care that the place is really the Sands, I am calling it the AirShip Port! Whats an AirShip? Check out the previous post.

Waterfront park outside of the AirShip Port

Ooohh! Nice landscaping on the outside and big spacy airy feel on the inside. Its open even tho its not quite complete on the end of the building which we entered.

The empty uncompleted section of AirShip Port

The middle section is thriving with expensive boutique shops and restaurants.

Shimmering cool colors, silver, blue and green.

Got this picture of a very large interior Christmas tree by being on the walkway above it. I like this simple design. No flashy/gawdy colors for me, please.

The food for general public is more crowded (as usual) and has a phoney ice ring! I wonder how often do they wax that white PVC tile? Skaters dun slide around here… they walk/stomp on knife edged boots.  

The phoney ice ring in the mall. Very high ceiling and nicely lit with daylight.

We didnt stay inside for long. .. nothing really interest us… we have nothing to buy..? .. We were not dressed to eat at the restaurants .. and we didnt fancy anything at the foodcourt… I think I spent more time looking at the obviously expensive stone floor tiles were used everywhere in here. Very nice.. I like the building, classy without the opulent feel. Modern and not comtemporary. Good architecture and very attractive interior finishings.

Men at work. Fairing the outside wall of the lotus building.

Moving on, we exited the sands on the other end from where we entered. I mean, we were just continuing on our anti-clockwise route around the Bay.

Full on construction work on Christmas! This city never stops.

Just outside the sands, still rushing for completion is the lotus flower looking like building… Its huge! Look at all those cranes and men (working on Christmas!) relative to the building!

See 2 poor guys working precariously near the edge! Sky looks ominous.

Poor guys, hope they are properly harnessed and fairly compensated for their sacrifice to our society. I think SG should send to them and their families here or back home a plaque, thanking them for their contribution towards nation building? Like IRAS sends me a note every year after the income assessment…

Bottom line is, we should all know, that some people work, so that we can play!

I am not too positive about how this is lookin' ... another scam in the making. IMO

Its a funny looking building… another “fountain of wealth” scam thingy? Sigh… suckers! Nah… who cares!

… Although, I should say, that IMO, SGs progress is too fast and natural. People who are slower at adapting to these changes are left behind.. and nevermind them, there are still enuf chargers to bring the society and GDP forward. … I am on the dividing line of progress and the forgotten, being dragged on but not really wanna run… eventually I will fall off the edge, its a matter of time.

Its okay. Lets enjoy while it last. …. tobe continued …


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