Eat at my virtual restaurant!

It has been 1 year since I last wrote about my virtual restaurant in Restaurant City. Amazing that I am still playing this game… only part time.. <yawn> … I did stop for quite a while.. like 6 months.. then I am back again.

There has been quite afew changes. For me, the changes made it easier to cope. Now, I dun have to click on each of my stressed employee to resuscitate them. They dont lie on the ground no more 🙂 … If they are unhappy, which they do get if you dont visit within 24hrs, only need to click on 1 of them and pay 300 coins that they demand. No biggie.

New restaurant opening hours.

Another great change is the restaurant opening hours. I can choose from 30mins up to 24hrs. 30mins does not cost any coins, 1hr is cheap, 2hr is fine, 4hr is more expensive, 6hrs is terrible, 8hrs and you hardly make any, 12hrs if you really have to and 24hrs if you absolutely have no choice. The trick here is, after each period that is selected, the same period is given for me to revisit my restaurant to collect a 2000 points bonus. If you are trying very hard to level up, 30mins would be the way to go! And when sleeping, I choose 6hrs… as I sleep 6hrs usually anyway… in the morning, I choose 12hrs, cos thats what I spent going and coming from work.

Customers at my sushi bar and cocktail lounge

Getting new counters are fun and they generate more coins. There inflation in this virtual world too! Ingredients are costing more these days 😉 So I have the Coke machine, Sushi bar, Cocktail lounge, Coffee counter that is not yet serving cakes because I have not enuf staff to run the cake counter… I need to level up somemore on dishes to get another staff.

I am happy with this layout! It works.

I used to run 2 separate dining areas, but with the intro of the coffee lounge, I find this combined arrangement best. I get my popularity up to 84 all the time with this and good amount of coins contribution from serving coffee. Only problem is, the coffee lady got quite a distance to cover and she dun walk very fast… but in this arrangement, all the waiters will take turns at serving coffee. My configuration now is 4 cooks, 5 waiters, 1 bartender.

More staff (I think max 11) are available now to run the restaurant. Its always fun seeing your friends slog away at your joint 🙂 … But I think its a waste of resources to assign 1 staff to cleaning and maintenance of the place. I prefer to DIM on picking trash and cleaning the loo (yes yes, imagine me cleaning the loo!) , or just leave them dirty and dont watch 🙂 What I dun see dun hurt me! As in, my popularity level doesnt drop (or increase) if I dun hang around and watch the hands up or down signs.


1 Response to “Eat at my virtual restaurant!”

  1. 1 brianna
    December 30, 2010 at 8:31 am

    This is socool i had played the game and i have a fun time playing it. i wonder do u have a fun time playing it

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