Was reading the property review last weekend… and I was run over by the great deal of local information that I didnt know. These are just daily life things that I never thought about, becos I dun have time to watch TV news, read the papers, local magazines or websites about local happenings.. I am truly shocked about how I am unaware of these things that are happening around me. I must emphasize, the happenings are just everyday city living realities, what shock me is my complacency and indifference to these happenings.

Local newsworthy event – resurgence of triads activities and young gangsters resulting in increase fights, stabbing incidents and 1 death …. My realization? Social unrest!

– Serial stabbing incidents in the North area resulting in 2 dead women (or more).. Young man was caught, these women are not related to him in anyway. His motive? Against them, none. It was anger from failed relationship. … My realization? Lunatics are amongst us!

– rising cost of car ownership. $39K COE! My, we havent seen that for quite a while.

– rising cost of public transport… to maintain 1st world transport system? … wait a minute.. do we still have a 1st world transport system?

– rising cost of housing. .. do people here really have that much money to put into a property asset? … how much do they owe?

These quotes from the property review disturbs me,

–  “Urban life for the poor will be increasingly unpleasant”

– “Clusters of living quarters around central common areas with shared facilities. Rooms rented out by the eight-hour shift with cubbies for private belongings. ”

Rising food, water and transportation cost will affect the less afluent far more than most. … I was just beginning to wonder if I am in the poorhouse myself, as I live in public housing and currently is “car”less, and I resent the rise in food prices. Although the cost of getting around is much reduced after I sold off my car, I resent that the transport system is not good as they claim it is, in certain areas. Granted that it is good in the residential and business districts, it is crap in the industrial zones.

Bottomline, this is Urban life and even while I grew up here, I am finding it “increasingly unpleasant”. So, does this mean that I am poor.. ..? By all government statistics, I am not poor… but am I being conned here? What is real and what is propoganda?

Should I be relieved that I am not renting room in eight hour shift yet? Are we telling our youth today that the future is such that they will have no personal space? No wonder they are going around, stabbing and chopping. .. literally getting rid of competition.

I want out from urban living, and that means leaving the city state country. I am not gonna stay around till 1st world standards means living in a cubby hole, packed onto people movers like sardines and pay 1/4 of my wages eating cardboard food, drinking recycled water and taught to be thankful that the air that I breathe is only 50 on the pollution index.


2 Responses to “Reality!”

  1. 1 Terry
    November 26, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Sounds like you need to re-launch that boat of yours…..the only place of freedom is on the water, where there are not too many rules and regulations…..T

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    December 13, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Yeah right. Relaunch Eleanor, not anyway in Singapore. Will probably sand the bottom and repaint the primer and hard anti-foul, then pack her into a container to ship over to the US.

    We are very near to anodizing the mast and haul out at Raffles. Hope we can make it to Tioman in Apr on Calliste. Catch you guys there?

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