What is it like without a car around Singapore

Well, at least, it is not impossible to get around without a car in Singapore. Infact, most people do get around without a car. The government has done alot to ensure the transport system works, so that people can go to work, school and socialize.

Even when I had the car, and still have a bike, I usually choose to take do the public transport to town. Parking in the city is expensive, difficult and unpredictable. … and I certainly can do without the gridlock traffic. .. well but would I prefer to be packed into a train along with everybody else that is going somewhere…? Hm…. thats no fun either… but its cheap and convenient, so lets be cheerful about it.

Here it is, the local’s tip to SG transport! The 1st survival tool for using public transport in Singapore is the EasiLink card. Get a card and a spare, give each a $20 value and hop on. Oh yes, before you do, check your routes. Use 1) The internet and websites like Google map and www.streetdirectory.com . Get your numbers and MRT routes right! 2) Get a pocket map book and bus guide, available at most bookshops. Bus route info (without map) is available at all busstops, but if you dont have a mapbook in hand, it wouldnt help you at all. 3) Local map showing walkable distances to nearby attractions and buildings are available at every MRT station. That is really helpful! Use that to get to the right exits for your destination.

So, I have survived 1 week without the car… and lets see, where have I been. 1) Home – work – home; Take bus 25 at 840am, switch over to the MRT at Ang Mo Kio, ride northbound MRT to Kranji, switch over to bus 160/170/178 to GFS back gate. .. Arrgghhh! 1000am! Have to start out earlier… So it takes about 1hr and 20 mins, cost $2 each way. Driving would have taken 30mins and cost $4 in gas + $20 fixed depreciation(everyday, whether you drive or not).

Smell the flowers as you walk, check out the colors

2) Home – PSA building – Home;  Take any bus from bus stop along Upper Serangoon, switch over to MRT at Kovan, ride southbound NEL MRT to Harbour Front, switch over to bus 10/30 to PSA building. I am impressed by this route! Only took 55mins each way and about $2 in fares.

3) Home – Keppel; Take any bus from my bus stop along Upper Serangoon, switch over to MRT at Kovan, ride southbound NEL MRT to Harbour Front, walk 15 mins to Keppel. Total time 1hr. Its the walking (and carrying stuff) that drains me out. This time, really miss Trio… sigh… but look at the pretty flowers along the walk to Keppel…

Flowering shrubs by the roadside. Pretty flowers!

One thing you would find, is that the MRT stations and bus stops are always a longer walk away from your final destination. Like 10 mins walk is very normal. I never made time to walk and take pictures of roadside flowers when the car was available… but when its not, and I start to do more walking, I get to see more stuff.. Maybe I will get tired of seeing more stuff… in a while. .. and wishing that I dont have to spend so much time getting around.

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    November 16, 2010 at 11:38 am

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