Getting to know our new little island

We are really enjoying having our weekend home so close to us. Instead of driving 2.5hrs each way every weekend, we have now time and energy to get more use of our kayaks.

Enjoying the bloom at the Carribean

After a night rest on board Calliste, we woke up 1 morning and decided to go kayaking. We were out on the water in 30mins flat. It was that simple and quick! Do I hear envy oozing from my kayaking enthusiast readers… ? hee hee hee..

Stone steps built in the colonial days...?

We were thinking about checking out the Labrador park from the water… the replica “long ya men”, and the little mangrove creek that we have seen so many times from the other side of the Keppel island. …

Well maintained Colonial mansion...

I was taking a picture of these eerie looking steps, and just managed to put my little Nikon L20 away into a trusty Tupperware container when I got swamped by surfing waves from a passing ferry wake. Doug thought I was going to flip and roll, but I had better skills and balance than he gives me credit for. Hmmphh!

Entrance to the swampy creek

Oh well, so I had to bail and had to paddle feeling wet, but still I was going to paddle out and see the park. It was really choppy outside the marina breakwater but I was coping okay. Doug decided that the conditions were too boisterous for our level of preparedness and so we turn back into calmer waters. Time to check out the swampy little creek.

Just before entering the creek, there is this old mansion on the hill. I wonder whats the story on that old place… A old tyre marks the entrance to the creek. It shows how shallow it is at low tide, at high tide it would be covered.

Markings by the Keppel people

Quite interesting, Keppel actually sent out a team and mark this little waterway and labelled some of the mangrove plants. .. Wondering if they were planning to lead kayaking excursions ..?

As we were leaving the creek, huge breaking wakes were just coming in. Doug managed to clear the low water surf zone before it broke… and poor me got completely drenched again! Luckily my little camera was tucked away in the trusty little waterproof tupperware… was tempted to sneak a shot of the breaking waves. .. it was awesome! I could probably make it look like mini tsunami… Well, me on little Yakuni, we were hit by a tsunami! Could have rolled easily, but kept cool and balanced.

My handy old crocs. ... bailing yakuni

Thats me bailing again, in the aftermath…. Oh well, so we know, kayaking around here is a wet wet ride. .. but we are not going to let that stop us from going out. Next stop, Sentosa… 🙂

BTW, there is a excellent shower facility back at the clubhouse on Keppel island. Nothing beats the feeling of going out, getting drenched and then washing up in comfort and luxury. Now I begin to understand why people pay to go to a workout weekend retreat…


2 Responses to “Getting to know our new little island”

  1. 1 Terry & Ana
    August 19, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Lang,

    Like your canoe trip. Can you find out about the colonial house. Be interesting to know the history.


  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    August 20, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Maybe we will wait for you guys to be here and explore the park together. .. 🙂

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