Fishy fishy…

Is there anybody out there that would pay a bank to carry its credit card? ..I seriously doubt it. I too refuse to pay for this “privelege” of plastic. S$180!! Blar! And I hate to have to call the hotlines to request a waiver every year, for each of the 5 cards that I currently hold.

… well… but I do need plastic, living in this era. Only 3 will be enuf tho.. so I took the trouble and called the O..C hotline. I only started using this bank 2yrs ago and this be my 1st time dealing with them on this waiver request. I have no real desire to continue holding this card, so I said to the person at the other end, to close my account. For those cards that I have enjoyed using, I will request for a waiver, but for others, I hate to even receive $0 balance statements as it is so un eco.

But as usual, the operator persuades me to reconsider and suggest that its no trouble to me, everything will be arranged to my satisfaction… oh well.. okay… i guess…

Next day, a lady from the waiver processing department calls me. Her message was, “Hi, we are happy to make this great deal for you. We are waiving the fee, if you will make the minimum payment of $30 which we will return to you in the form of cash vouchers for your next supermarket visit. Let me confirm your address and I will mail the vouchers to you right away.”

Hey, wait a minute… I didnt agree to this arrangement … yet. Do I get to decide not to go with your “super good” arrangements? So I declined her offer and requested for the account to be closed. She couldnt believe it! and so she gives some lame excuse about not being able to waive the fee totally now and besides I will be getting the same amount that I paid out in vouchers, so why not. “Its such a great deal!”

Okay, thats what got me really agitated. .. I may have sounded mean and nasty… truthfully, I regretted being so harsh on her, but really, its nothing personal. Yeah right..

Anyway, my reply was, “this sounds like a scam and I want no part of it. I am not interested in getting any vouchers and pls do not think that I am begging you to waive the fee. Just close the acct for me pls. ”

It took her only 5 secs to realize that I am seriously not going to pay any money for keeping the acct going, so her final reply was, “Okay, we will waive the whole fee… “.. she said it so softly that I could hardly hear her… … I felt sorry for her, that this is just a job and its so hard to please everybody. .. wish I had been more kind in my tone and language… still the outcome would be the same. Seriously, I would not pay even $0 to keep the acct going. .. I mean thats was just it, I refuse to pay $0. … a matter of principle…

sigh… I really do hate to be such a difficult person… 😦 … well, since I didnt want to upset her further, I will let this acct remain open for 1 more year… its a nice looking card, really…


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