A little better, s’il vous plait

I was a little embarassed when I brought some friends out to dinner couple of nights ago, at a pretty well known restaurant serving chicken rice in Serangoon gardens. We were early and the waitresses were happy to serve up quickly.

More diners came and soon all the tables were taken, and the room was loud with lots of chatter. .. above that chatter was the occasional (rather too often) drop of utensils and used plates into the wash bin that was in a corner of the room.

We might be in the middle of a good story and then a loud “thump” “clang” of stuff being dropped into the bin. .. I saw my guest “jumped out of their skin” at each crash. It was disturbing for me to see such inconsiderate behavior by the waitresses, but I dont think they deliberate did that. This is a restaurant with 1st class food, 2nd class environment and 3rd class service… very sad… I dont think we will ever go back there again, despite the best tasting chicken rice in town.

Another discovery, my visitors (mostly from the US) actually prefer to eat at hawker centres rather than mid range restaurants or air-conditioned foodcourts. Can you guess why? How about these reasons: 1) Bad enclose acoustics resulting in very loud chatter and loud dish dumping noises 2) Too crowded and even if seats are available, its usually near a central dish dumping station or else its in the alley way or worse, near the toilets…. under the exhaust air vent from the toilet itself! 3) Too business like.. no local charm in the food that is served.. food are prepared by uniformed robots in branded chain food outlets.

We might be better than most… but there is alot of room for improvement… dont you think..? Starting from our expectations. If we take everything now and think it is good enough, then we will never get there.. .. very sad..


3 Responses to “A little better, s’il vous plait”

  1. 1 Douglas
    January 28, 2010 at 4:15 am

    Hi , I don’t see this issue as contriversal, but quite a bit factual.

    The eating environment, that exists, in Singapore, seems to come from long established customs, but doesn’t seem to have caught up, to modern times.

    Lot’s of noise in public eating places, is normal here, as far as I can see and experience it.

    I often wondered why acoustic noise abatement, was not included, in the upgrades of food courts, public resturants , and hawker centers.

    Some may say that, it’s the charm of the place, but, not being able to have a quiet intiment meal with your foreign friends, would seem to put that eating establishment on the not to visit again ,,, list !

    You have grown-up Singapore , time to grow-up, in courtisy , too .

  2. February 1, 2010 at 3:29 am

    Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  3. 3 funvinyldecals
    February 2, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for letting me know. Cheers.

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