Fixing up an “abandoned” property at Sebana

Our electric connection at the container was deteriorating. Sometimes its just low current available, other times its totally out. Sebana has always been patch fixing it… that is never really fixing the root of the problem, which is a broken down underground cable. Finally, it totally gave up and Sebana’s management decided to not fix it anymore as the cost will be quite high.

Wire twisting setup out in the woods

Wire twisting setup out in the woods

Now, we really have a problem with that. We have installed a burglar alarm system on our container (due to the terrible breakin experience that we had, click on the Sebana tag to read the history), and it runs on power and battery. And now that Sebana cut back on its number of security guards, they do not patrol this area anymore. This situation is very threatening, such that we had to jump into a how do we fix it mode, rightaway.

1st, Doug check out the nearest electric outpost to the container… seems like a 200m overground line will do it for us. We really felt abandoned here, and so we decided to not even get permission to hook up to that source and just do it. So we did, get 7 coils of 100m 2.5mm single core, and couple of weather proof plugs. Here we are, improvising to do the job in the outback setting of “Doug’s and Lang’s workshop”.

Our twisted 3 core 100m coil. That was alot of work.

Our twisted 3 core 100m coil. That was alot of work.

It took us a total of 2.5 days, 2 of us, to put it all together. Just twisting the coil took a full day, and then hacking thru the bushes to lay the wire, and climbing up trees for the overhead stretch.

Putting on the plugs at our scenic workshop.

Putting on the plugs at our scenic workshop.

We are not about to give up our scenic workshop space and move away..

Installing the wire

Installing the wire

Doug trodding thru the jungle and laying out the wire overground. Our colorful coil is pretty much covered up by the thick bushy growth and not very visible..

Throwing a monkey fist.. what is that?

Throwing a monkey fist.. what is that?


Doug up a ladder in a rather soft spot on the ground.. a delicate balancing act and attempting to accurate throw the fist into the V of the tree branch… and he got it on 1st try! Yippee!

We did try to make it harder for the desperate locals to snatch our wire… by looping it up on a tree across the dirt road. It would mean that if they wanted our wire so bad, they would have to bring a really tall ladder into the the outback just like we did.. but they would have to travel on a motobike with it. And theres the thing about how we installed it, that they would only get a small segment of the whole line before they will be discovered. Yes, we are paranoid and we are setup to avoid problems with the thieving locals. This is the outback, we protect ourselves and our assets, and we are our own security.


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