Level 32 on Restaurant City!

Yippee! I did it again! At the max level on Restaurant City on Facebook. And my thots this time round? Hmm.. I wonder if there will be another big enhancement to the game… like add animal husbandry or something..

Just yesterday, I notice new dishes and some new graphics .. but a big change to the buying ingredients system. If you paid US$4.99, you will get 25 “cashcoins”, which you could choose to buy 3 ingredients at 8 “cashcoins” each. That is a major improvement. Afterall, if you paid any money, you would want to be able to choose and buy something, just like going to the supermarket. .. Another way of getting ingredients is through swapping with your friends if they have what you need, and dont need it themselves… or for US$2.49, you could swap stuff with Blackmama on BlackMarket. .. 🙂 Details at http://blackmama.wordpress.com ..

Shake tree, get coins?

Shake tree, get coins?

All my hours devoted to this game would seem like time wasting to most.. even myself.. I should probably join some facebook addiction anonymous..

BTW, I did find some hidden secrets.. Have you ever wondered about the trees in your backyard. .. Was there a saying, money dont grow on trees? In RC, it sometime does. Go shake it and see for yourself.. I get 1 for every 4 to 5 trees that I shookup.. The smaller restaurants have more trees, so start with them. Note, only 1 coin per tree and no points.

Another discovery. Trash is gold!… and points too. Visit your friends restaurants and pick up any trash you. You probably know that already.. but did you know, if your friend left the trash uncleared, then you get to clear them? Otherwise, there will be no trash. For example, I go into my restaurant after 8hrs of not checking on my guys, and finding them stuck to the ground. I close the restaurant and turn them in to bed. I can choose to clear the trash or not. If I cleared it, my friends wont get to pick trash from visiting my restaurant later. If I left 10 trash items, there will be 10 for them to pick. You get the idea? It means you have to agree amongst your friends to leave trash uncleared till they are ready to operate the restaurant again.

Trashy cash.

Trashy cash.

The other thing to note is, that the longer operating hours the restaurant did, the more trash will be present when you check in again. Even if the restaurant was not operating, trash will also be generated.. but it needs the restaurant owner to check in and save to exit without picking trash, for the friends to pick up when they visit later. One more tip, if your friend’s restaurant is full of trash, you could come back over and over again to pick up trash, but each time you would have to return to your own place, save and exit, check in again and go over to your friends’. I do this alot when my guys are resting or not very productive…

I have till date picked up over 8000 trash ( as shown in the “Awards” page), that means I have used 8000 coins to purchase some ingredient.. and also that 8000 points that I got, helped me move a little quicker up the levels. I guess it depends on how desperate you are to move up eh..?


3 Responses to “Level 32 on Restaurant City!”

  1. November 10, 2009 at 8:53 am

    can you pls. cheat me,on how to be a level 32…

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    November 10, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    its many hours of game time that got me there. I dont cheat.

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