Making Ceviche onboard S/V Calliste

Ahh… once again… .. we are making Ceviche. sigh.. havent we had enough of this sour stuff yet? .. well, .. this time we have help from Van.. she wants it more than we do, so shes gonna do all the hardest part of the work.

Whatever it takes to make it a good one.

Whatever it takes to make it a good one.

6am, go to wet market. Bought 1kg fresh white meat fish, 1/2kg squids, 1/2kg large prawns. Almost 2kg limes, 2 large onions, some Chinese parsley. You have to be early at the Sg Rengit wet market to get these stuff.. really..

The galley feels a little too crowded for the 3 of us, so I choose to work in the cockpit, leaving Doug to use the galley space, Van to do the limes on the chart table.

Very good squids. They turn out very well in this batch.

Very good squids. They turn out very well in this batch.

Van is a fast worker. She finished squeezing the limes, as I chopped up 3 garlic and 2 onions finely.

workspace in the cockpit.

workspace in the cockpit.

Then she came out and help with the chili flaking, while I go back down to steam the prawns. By this time, Doug is done with cutting the fish meat into small bits.

White snapper meat filets before cutting up.

White snapper meat filets before cutting up.

We start the Ceviche going with putting the fish, onions and garlic into the lime juice. Adding the sliced squids and prawns as and when they are finish.

Prawns are only steamed lightly. Our last batch, prawns were over cooked.. were a little tougher than prefered.. Thats me, turning the prawns over, allowing only 1 min on each side. Doug’s abit worry that the prawns were still raw, .. never trust his judgement on that… as soon as the prawns turn pink all over, I remove them from the pot. Our conclusion after the 4hrs taste test, the prawns were perfect!

Lightly steamed prawns.

Lightly steamed prawns.

On the prawns prep, I choose to steam before removing the shells. Seems like shells come off easier after steaming. We are firm believers in removing the “poop”. Van was a great help with that!

In less than 2hrs, the Ceviche prep was done. A record for us. Shortest time taken. Still it would take 4hrs in the fridgerator before we could do our 1st taste test. … Enuf time for a short paddle upriver, cooking and eating a lunch. .. Taste test, this is a very promising batch! Only needed a little soy sauce. Yum! Opps, I forgot to take pictures of the Ceviche itself! Oh so dum! 😛


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