Restaurant City, advance level tips


My best seating arrangement so far.

Just when I thot what to do after reaching the old max level 27 on RC, the game has now new levels and new game features. … er.. ok.. what is the new highest level? 32? I think it is 32… so far thats the highest I see among people with 10x my points. Thats right! 10x! Just how do you get 3,000,000 points! Go figure!

The new drinks feature is good, IMHO. Some people didnt like it, cause it destroy their previous hardwork in calculating the optimize layout and ratios of cooks/waiters. .. Thats what life is about! CHANGE for the better! CHANGE and BE BETTER! I am happily embracing this new twist to the game. Check out my new layout. 4 stoves, 4 waiters, 2 dispensers, 22 tables, 6 waiting chairs.

My popularity is always above 48, even when I dont clean the bathrooms, and even when my little peoples energy drops to as low as 60%. At 50% energy, my pop rating drops to about 40. I think thats not bad at all. Definately way better than before the drinks, where my pop drops after 80%.

The seedlings

The seedlings

Anyway, I am level 31 now.. and I am enjoying the new planting feature very much. The mystery of planting a seed not knowing what it is.. why would anyone like that? .. I guess you just dont get everything you need in life, so just plant and hope for the best.


Taking shape now.

Here I am, trying to be a RC botanist and this is my records for growing plants. Lets begin with the seedlings. It cost 2ooo coins to plant each one. Click on a vacant plot and it will ask if you want to plant a seed. Click on the plot again to water it. You can only water it up to 9 hrs, so if you come back into the game in 9hrs, your plot dries and crackup and your plant will stop growing until it is water again. After 9hrs, the seed will germinate. Another 12hrs will pass before the seedling grows another 2 leaves. At this stage, we still couldnot tell what harvest we’ll get.


Grown in my yard

Only after a seed has past 28hrs, it will show signs of what it will become. Not that it makes a difference anyway… since nothing can be done to change it, if its not what you need.. Well, at least you get a new ingredient in 48hrs, for 2000 coins only and its something you could swap with your neighbours. Not a bad deal.. I suppose.

These 11 plants have been grown in my yard… Coriander, Bayleaf, Garlic, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Vanilla, Oregano, Basil,  Wasabi, Ginger, Saffron…

I wonder why there isnt strawberry, onion, potato.. etc… or fruits like banana, apple or orange..? Orange would be a great new ingredient! Wish I could serve my favorite drink, the good ol’ orange juice at Langs’ Seafood…

… now wondering… whats after level 32 and what new features are we gonna get… waiting (with high hopes) that we might see yet another great addition to the game.. how about animal husbandry! A little farm to produce eggs and poultry from chicken, milk and beef from cow, pork and bacon from pigs… thats possible isnt it.. 🙂


2 Responses to “Restaurant City, advance level tips”

  1. 1 Kevin
    October 21, 2009 at 6:22 am

    Try 3 islands, my pop stay above 45 even at below 20% energy. I remove all toilets as it’s not required at all.

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    October 22, 2009 at 3:49 am

    Well.. I am not so concerned about pop level. I always want my crew to be above 50% energy so that more coins and points are actually made. You are right about the toilets. I leave it there for deco, if its use, okay, if its dirty.. I dun care.. 🙂

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