Riding on the Belungkor – Changi Ferry service.

We have been getting some problems with the ferry service between Sebana and Tanah Merah (SG). There had been a number of breakdowns, unpredictable schedule and nobody knows if there will be a ferry service or not at the scheduled time. We were told to turn up at the ferry counter, and if there is a ferry, you get on. If there is none you, come again and hope the next one is coming! That is so crap!

The other ferry.. Batura Express

The other ferry.. Batura Express

Sebana’s reception desk recommend us to use the Belungkor ferry for now. They too are having problems dealing with the current ferry operator. So what choice have I got, but to try yet another way of travelling between Seabana and home.. 

Passengers on top deck..

Passengers on top deck..

The Belungkor – Changi Ferry Terminal ferry service has been in operations for at least 2 decades. It caters mainly to tourist from SG to Desaru. This ferry has seen many golf bags and bicycles. Last ferry on Sunday leaves at 1900 and we must check in at least 1/2 hr before departure. Sebana to Belungkor is a good 30 mins drive away and would have cost RM30 in cab fares, so we wouldnt be too keen on it if didnt drive ourselves. I had only 1hr to adjust to this change of plans and we made it just in time.

Eagle flying..

Eagle flying..

RM66 for a return trip, all tax included. That is cheaper than RM110 for the Sebana-TMFT (1 big point) and it has a good running reputation (another big point), but it lands at Changi Ferry Terminal which has no bus service and no waiting cabs (-1 big point).. that was the reason we didnt use this ferry before, but I guess we have to try it now..

Sunset was happening at the time of departure.. got a nice picture of an sea eagle flying.. and the other black spots on the left are little birds. 

The cruise ship Megastar Tauraus

The cruise ship Megastar Tauraus

Megastar Tauraus! I’ve been on that cruise ship. Dont quite remember when that was.. long time ago.. Now berth at Belungkor and taking guest on weekend cruises to nowhere.. it seems.

Getting from CFT to home is a chore.. I took a cab, and switched to a bus this time.. but I am going to discover how to do a bus journey on my way back.

On your mark!

On your mark!

… <snip> 5 workding days went by .. <snip> Time for returning to Sebana. Here I am, trying to make the 2015hrs ferry, and that took some doings.

My day started at 0600, in office by 0700 so that I can be off early at 1600. Got home, pack stuff and out of the house by 1730. Lucky me that the buses are working on time today. Bus 53 came along soon as I reached the bus stop. That was nice.. but I alighted 1 stop after the Pasir Ris MRT and had to walk back towards White Sands mall to get bus 89.. oh well, since I was there, I got myself a dinner. This place is really quite different from the last time I was there. Alot of new businesses and alot more vibrant now..

A beautiful park with many tall trees.

A beautiful park with many tall trees.

Good thing that bus 89 was a quick one and I alighted at Airline road 1840. This was the nearest busstop to CFT… which is still 1.8km away… and I am going to make the best out of this walk.

Starting my walk at the 1800m mark.. wondering what is it going to be at the end. Carrying with my a loaded up backpack, a heavy laptop case and some food for the weekend, I walk down the lonely path of Changi beach. Its pretty nice actually.. except that I had to walk fast because the mozzies are after me. Should have applied on the bug repellent before leaving home.

A glimpse of CFT from the beach.

A glimpse of CFT from the beach.

Midway into my walk, I stopped and rest my tired laptop carrying arm. Its getting dark, so the picture of CFT across the bay doesnt come up well.
I have arrived! .. at the last marker.

I have arrived! .. at the last marker.

See! It was dark when I finally get to the last marker.. 1910. So it was 3300m – 1800m, oh only 1.5km afterall.. but I still had to walk across the car park and into CFT. Anyway, happy that I made it in time for check in.. and really, it wasnt so bad… only if I had the bug spray on. 3 bites on my ankles!
Would I do this again..? yes, probably. .. but I really like doing the sebana ferry bettter. Using this ferry service, means that Doug would have to drive me over and fetch me back. A waste of fuel for Trio and time for him… maybe S$20 savings is worth it huh?

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