Collection of photos around Sebana

Well, I was planning to clean the insides of Eleanor this AM, but we were hit by a Sumatra which makes cleaning a little more tedious. Stuck indoors onboard Calliste, and just letting the RC run itself for the next 30mins..

Pretty shells, but nobody home.

Pretty shells, but nobody home.

Looking thru my collection of photos.. thot I might share some of the sights around here.

Starting with my walk on the beach at low tide in Sungai Rengit. I confess. I was looking for a clamming beach.. This is a muddy sand beach and it stinks. Littered with garbage at the high tide mark, and with vacant shells at the low tide flats.

stinky, sucking, sinking mud ..

stinky, sucking, sinking mud ..

I guess this beach would be interesting if you were a collector and not a clammer… the oysters harvesters were having a field day out. There is a bed of small oysters all over the lowest tide zones that are only exposed once a month. I tried to go a little closer to them, but I wasnt prepared to get really dirty, muddy and stinky… Notice how the muddy cracks around my feet? They were sinking slowly, and if I stood long enough it will suck me right in! Yucks!

Home robber!

Home robber!

Back to firmer ground on the low tide mark. There were some live snails.. but not my fav Gong gong. Most of the pretty shells were taken over by hermits. Hermit are everywhere on this beach…

Mobile home moving.

Mobile home moving.

These littles things remind me of the bankers foreclosing on the home owners who have fallen on hard times. And they are always on the lookout for bigger and prettier shells to move into. If you love watching hermits fight, there is plenty of action right here. Venue: downtown Sungai Rengit beach. Time: low tides only. Admission free, squatting room only, unless you like to go back with a muddy bottom. 

No swimming, this pool is seriously off limits

No swimming, this pool is seriously off limits

Back to Sebana. Whats new around here? Once a year, we are visited by a squadron of cuttlefishes. They are always a welcomed sight. They sorta look like slow moving light bulbs and very colorful. Mostly bluish… yes, they are poisonous. Try not to go swimming with them around.

Green nuts. Great drink.. but.. doug woulnt crack one for me.

Green nuts. Great drink.. but.. doug woulnt crack one for me.

Another regular sight, coconut clearing around Sebana compound. Here is 1 pile of the clearing. There are at least 3 piles of them waiting to be collected.

What is Doug doing in the bush?

What is Doug doing in the bush?

We dont usually drive into the wilderness on Sebana, but this week we needed to check out the power supply box . Power at the hardstand/dry storage is giving us some problems.

This is a fun picture.. is Doug peeing in the bush… 🙂

The revelation!

The revelation!

Hee hee hee… well, no.. The truth is not so fun.. Doug is just setting up for the power testing. Using our heaviest load, the 3HP air compressor to test the current directly from the power box. Trio, is really a tool wagon around here. Poor girl.

Dark clouds right

Dark clouds right

And finally, the Sumatra! Wikipedia has a very good description of the Sumatra phenomenon, go look it up. Sumatras2

Quite interesting really. I was actually enjoying the strong cool winds blowing through this morning, standing on Eleanors deck and soaking in the atmosphere of impending rain, dreaming about the time when I was sailing in a condition similar to this. Cant believe that I think it might be fun going out right then…


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