New development on Restaurant City! Planting!?

Barely 24hrs from the time that I stumbled upon these new features, I am so excited about the new fun that is to be had on the new Restaurant City features, that I am writing this post with the limited information that I have. I suppose if I joined the fan club, consult with people close to the developers, I would know more about these exciting new features… but then I think it will spoil the fun of discovering it as I go along.. 

My plots, 3 planted, 4 waiting to be planted and 2 unavailable till I get to level 32.

My plots, 3 planted, 4 waiting to be planted and 2 unavailable till I get to level 32.

On my 1st login to RC this morning, SG time 8am, I was given my free ingredient and a popup informing me of my level up to 28 ( :O I thot it all ended at 27! ) and my new plot. What new plot? Then moving around and found that I have some planting soil plots outside the restaurant, on the right side.

Watering the plots...

Watering the plots...

Now, being level 28, I have 7 plantable plots and 2 to be discovered at level 32.. Intuitively I click on the plot, and it ask if I would like to plant a seed for 2000 coins. Sure I would, new feature right, how else could I discover more about the new planting features of this game?

So what else to do after seeding? When the mouse hovers on the plot, there is a display of some sort.. which I could figure out what it meant at 1st. .. but later, I learn that the top number is the time to watering again and I guess the bottom is time to harvesting. I dont know that for sure, cos 48hrs is not yet up. I will update this post again as soon as I have the answers. 

Later in the day, I check back in, to find that my plots were completely dried up and cracked ground, in which case the growth pauses … Click on the plot and that will watered it.. then the counter resumes and the seedling continues to grow… Also found that multiple watering can happen too, I just dont know if it will drown the seeds if I watered it too much at 1 go.. more to discover.. later.

4 plots ready to harvest

4 plots ready to harvest

Updates! 31Aug. My plants have grown up! Finally! There is no way to know ahead of time, what crop is planted. It seems to be completely ramdon. Here I have 2 parsley, 1 bayleaf (bottom left) and 1 wasabi (topleft) .

Harvest at last!

Harvest at last!

Click on the ready to harvest crop and viola! A new ingredient. What a great way to get more ingredients! But need to pay 2000 for the seed.. hmm… oh well. Planting is fun and anticipation of your crop is a interesting feeling.. 😉


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