My special little yacht.. S/V Eleanor

I arrived at Sebana this weekend pretty determined to do a little maintenance on Eleanor. Hate to admit, but I have neglected her quite abit… she hasnt been cleaned for a long time. Anyway, we find ourselves having a little time on a very hot Sat afternoon, but instead of cleaning her, we decided to go for a little sail before sunset. Just a short sailing around the lagoon before getting down to the washing..

Foredeck scrubed, sides to follow. Note the difference.

Foredeck scrubed, sides to follow. Note the difference.

We had a nice little outing and still had 1hr of low heat daylight. Great for exterior washing. I managed to scrub her sailcovers and foredeck.

It always gets really black dirty at corners of the seat.

It always gets really black dirty at corners of the seat.

The little bristle brush works great on the anti-skid surface, but it wont work on the smooth gelcoat. The little dishwashing light scouring pad works just fine on the smooth.. it takes both to do the decks.

Green around the cockpit floor.

Green around the cockpit floor.

And also used them both on the canvas. Seems like the combined cleaning effect of both brush and pad produce the best mold removing effect on the canvas.

Black mold and green Algae

Black mold and green Algae

Sunday was another great day for cleaning Eleanor. It was a cool day, and the clouds took most of the over-brightness away. Some pictures showing the task at hand..

While I was doing this, I thought that it might be nice to show some of the things we have done to Eleanor. .. 

Fixed cleat and yellow epoxy patches

Fixed cleat and yellow epoxy patches

Eleanor is a cute little boat with a cute little dodger. .. she looks less barebone after we installed this maroon sunbrella dodger. Since I was not competitive by nature, I decided to remove the jibsheet track and use a fixed eye and cleat system. Seems like my removing the track has left many unsightly yellow epoxy patches … Well.. thats just cosmetic.. 😛 .. One day I will paint it…

Halyard cleats inline with sheaves

Halyard cleats inline with sheaves

I didnt quite like how the original halyard cleats were off to the sides of the cabin. Since I was installing thrawt ship board across the front of the hatch, I decided to mount the new harken cleats on it. Seems like a much better location and much easier for my single handing adventures that are coming up.

Tiller and extension.

Tiller and extension.

My most practical addition to Eleanor is this homemade tiller extension. Its a $10 project that Doug made for me with easy to get materials. It work so well. I just couldnt imagine sailing without 1. The board across the seats has a hole in the centre, which I use to lock the tiller in position while in port. When sailing, I might also need to lock the tiller while I attend to other things. .. but only just afew minutes. I find that Eleanor go into irons too easily if left unattended for 5 minutes.  The yellow bag under the board is a 25l fuel tank. Surprisingly, this yellow bag has lasted pretty well for 4yrs now. It was a cheap local fabric that we were experimenting with. Most of the nylon fibre has frayed away, but the PVC underneath is holding out very well indeed.

Boot hatch instead of main traveller

Boot hatch instead of main traveller

Oh yes, and I remove the main sheet traveller. Like I said, it wasnt necessary for me since I wasnt going to sail competitively. Instead, a opening boot hatch for access to storage in the stern is more useful to me. See the space that is in there! Its where I store the sailcovers when I sail. On longer trips, fenders will be in there too.


3 Responses to “My special little yacht.. S/V Eleanor”

  1. August 27, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Sounds like a really exciting hobby you have there!

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    August 27, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    It is different from your average Singaporean hobby… its also alot of work and upkeep, which I guess is why people stay away from a hobby like this.

    My next adventure would be sailing Eleanor to Tioman next year. It will be at least 1 week, but I may make it 2 weeks. Dunno yet, and never knows until the time comes and winds are favorable.

  1. Anonymous Trackback on Aug 29th, 2009 at 5:30 am

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